PreSonus Enters Licensing Agreement with Yamaha

December 31, 2001

Anaheim, CA / NAMM 2002 Presonus Audio Electronics, Inc. has announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Yamaha Corporation to implement the new Yamaha mLAN FireWire™ recording and audio networking protocol. A special presentation of two new recording interface products will be on display at the Yamaha mLAN suite at the Mariott Hotel in Anaheim as well as the Presonus Booth #6320, in Hall A. The first product, the Presonus FireStation will feature mic, line and instrument inputs, S/PDIF inputs and outputs, and line outputs, in addition to three mLAN ports. This product was designed to be a turn-key PC recording interface with the ability to expand into 48 in / 48 out recording system. The FireStation features the award winning preamps and converters of the Presonus DigiMAX product line. Also released is the FireStation LightPipe. The FireStation LightPipe allows ADAT optical interfacing and MIDI interfacing to any existing mLAN system such as the Presonus FireStation. Further, this product allows the Presonus DigiMAX products to interface with any mLAN recording system. Jim Odom, Presonus' President and CEO, remarked, "After diligent research, we concluded that Yamaha Corporation has the best FireWire™ implementation for professional audio. We are excited to extend this technology to Presonus customers worldwide." mLAN is Yamaha's extended protocol for MIDI and Audio Transmission over FireWire™ (IEEE 1394), based on the IEC 61883-8 protocol. Audio channels in excess of 100 can be carried by this protocol in addition to hundreds of MIDI channels simultaneously.