PreSonus Announces the Release of the Eureka Professional Recording Channel

July 28, 2003

BATON ROUGE, LA, July 29, 2003—PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc. announces the release of Eureka™, a Class A transformer-coupled mic preamp, at AES 2003 in New York. The versatile new channel strip device features variable impedance as well as a saturation knob for tube saturation emulation. “We wanted to create the ultimate recording channel strip device,” explains Rick Naqvi, director of sales and marketing for PreSonus Audio. It is the only transformer coupled preamp under $500 streetprice on the market. It is reminiscent of vintage mic pre’s with many exciting additional features. The transformer-coupled unit provides a unique coloration and warmth that is somewhere between a solid state and a tube. We feel that, once again, PreSonus has put out a device that is simply heads and above anything else in its price range.” The Eureka sports a full-featured compressor with variable threshold, attack, release and gain makeup. It offers a soft knee compression mode, as well as a hi-pass filter on the sidechain for frequency dependent compression, which is useful for de-essing and other frequency specific compression applications. The Eureka, complete with an audio transformer on the input stage, offers a fully-parametric three-band EQ with overlapping bands and switchable staging for the EQ and compressor, enabling you to swap the order of the EQ and compression. The Eureka has instrument, line and microphone inputs as well as switchable gain reduction for the VU meter, dual outputs (TRS and XLR) that can be used simultaneously and an optional digital output card capable of up to 24-bit 96khz output on AES/EBU or S/PDIF. In addition, the unit has a 48V Phantom power unit with an 80Hz rumble filter, a –20dB pad, a phase inversion button and balanced send and return jacks for inserting outboard gear. Founded in 1995, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures audio processing products that are sold and used in more than 40 countries for the purpose of broadcast, recording, sound reinforcement and live streaming. PreSonus holds patents in digital control over analog audio and its design engineers have extensive backgrounds in military specification surface mount technology. # # # CONTACT: Rick Naqvi 800.750.0323 225.216.7887