PreSonus Announces the Central Station - Studio Control Center at Winter NAMM 2004

December 4, 2003

Baton Rouge, LA, December 5, 2003 - PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc. will introduce the release of the Central Station, a purely passive studio control center, at winter NAMM 2004 in Booth #6320, Hall A. With five stereo inputs and outputs (two digital and three analog) and a street price under $500, the Central Station is the ultimate studio-monitoring interface for the modern digital studio. The Central Station features a purely passive signal path, offering the most transparent sonic quality. The main audio path uses no amplifier stages including op amps, active IC’s or chips eliminating coloration, noise and distortion. The Central Station delivers what is needed for professional monitoring control (transparent, smooth, wide-frequency, high headroom and low noise), enabling the listener to hear the true sound of the mix. To minimize noise and maximize signal integrity, the unit is equipped with 34 sealed relays, which utilize a minimal path signal so that the audio does not pass through extraneous electronics. “We are continuously aiming to serve our customers with the latest technology at affordable pricing,” explains Rick Naqvi, director of sales and marketing for PreSonus Audio. “For the Central Station, we have used the highest quality passive components in order to ensure that it will produce a top-notch, professional sound. I think most end-users will be shocked when they compare the sonic quality to the price tag.” Accompanying three sets of monitor outputs, each with their own set of trim pots, are three sets of analog stereo analog inputs to accommodate DAW/Mixer, Tape/CD or Keyboard/Sampler. Two of these inputs feature balanced TRS jacks and the third has RCA inputs with trim control for matching signals at different levels. It also accommodates two digital inputs via S/PDIF or TOSLINK, providing D/A conversion up to 24Bit/192kHz thus enabling the user to send a digital signal directly to the Central Station to bypass lesser D/A converters say from the DAW, a CD or DAT player. Dual fast-acting 30 segment digital LED meters provided for high resolution metering of input level. The Central Station also offers a talkback omni directional condenser microphone that is routed through the CUE outputs for communication between artist and engineer. When the talkback feature is used, the cue mix is automatically dimmed for optimal communication. Other features on the Central Station include two headphone outputs, MUTE, DIM, INPUT select, CUE select and OUTPUT select. An optional remote control is available for talkback, mute, dim, input and output selection, as well as level adjustment. Founded in 1995, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures audio processing products that are sold and used in more than 40 countries for the purpose of broadcast, recording, sound reinforcement and live streaming. PreSonus holds patents in digital control over analog audio and its design engineers have extensive backgrounds in military specification surface mount technology.