PreSonus 2--7 NAMM Highlights

February 14, 2007

At the NAMM show this year, PreSonus demonstrated the power and flexibility of the PreSonus FireStudio, Monitor Station Remote, DigiMax FS and FaderPort. We did this by building a small stage on the side of our booth, and invited more than 40 amazing musicians to perform for a live recording session. The FireStudio’s control console provided a tailored mix for each performer via headphones as well as a live audience mix via loudspeakers. With over 80,000 attendees at NAMM this year, a live multi-channel recording with eight different acts per day was challenging. However the FireStudio, running Logic Pro on a Apple G5, recorded over 30 hours of music and never missed a beat. “If you’ve been to the NAMM show, you understand that it is probably the last place that anyone would want to record a live performance. One of the most amazing features of the FireStudio is the ability to send each musician his own personalized mix and ultimately create a complete recording environment.” says Marketing Director, Brad Zell. Zell continues, “With a dynamic roster of musicians performing, the NAMM show gave us the opportunity to display the FireStudio’s versatility in an extremely challenging and pressure-filled situation.” Below are a few MP3 audio clips of what was recorded at NAMM – a mixture of New Orleans Funk, Freestyle rap, and Latin jam sessions, all recorded through a PreSonus FireStudio and Digimax FS. Whether recording in the studio, live, or even in the midst of the NAMM show, the PreSonus FireStudio is ready for any environment. Live Recording at the 2007 NAMM show, Anaheim,CA The NAMM show setup: The FireStudio (with Monitor Station Remote) and DigiMax FS were placed in the engineers booth located at the corner of our stage. To streamline the editing and automation process, a FaderPort was added via USB directly into the Apple G5 Computer, allowing our engineer to make real-time changes as they were needed. All stage mics and instruments were connected directly into the FireStudio and DigiMax FS. PreSonus NAMM 2007 Photo Gallery: (click to enlarge) Visit perfoming artist's websites : Craig Anderton Martin Atkins Larry Braggs Robert Conti Randy Emata Richie "gajate" Garcia Roland Guerin Kerry Livgren Doc Powell Margo Reymundo Sheldon Reynolds Roger Smith Neil Zaza Rahlo The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Learn more about the FireStudio, DigiMax FS, MSR and FaderPort.