New FireStudio Driver Released!

October 23, 2008

PreSonus Audio Electronics is pleased to announce the release of a new FireStudio Driver (ver 3.3) for the award winning FireStudio 26x26 FireWire recording system.

New Features of the new FireStudio Driver:

  • Expanded Mix Mode – Replaces DAW returns 11-18 with ADAT 2 1-8 for a total of 26 inputs in all 9 stereo mixes.
  • 24 Quick route to monitors - Direct routing to Monitors and Phones from the mixer page.
  • Auto route to monitors - Auto routes currently selected Mix tab to the user choice of Monitors or Headphones.

Driver Improvements
  • Phase alignment when locking to external clocks has been further improved.
  • Improved ASIO performance, particularly on multi-core systems.
  • 26 simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • ASIO streaming performance on Vista has been improved.
  • ASIO clients are now allowed to change the buffer size using the ASIO API, but only if there are no other ASIO clients open.
  • Improved support for the WASAPI driver mode in Vista.
  • Added support to the ASIO driver's API so that an ASIO host can indicate that it will not attempt to change any parameters and therefore should not affect parameter locking.

  • The operation mode settings available on OS X have been updated to match the settings available on Windows. On both platforms there are four modes available: Normal, and Safe Mode Levels 1 to 3.
  • Driver Installer modified to install without reboot

About the FireStudio

The FireStudio is a 26x26 24-bit/96k professional recording system combining eight XMAX Class A PreSonus microphone preamplifiers, up to sixteen channels of optical ADAT input / output, S/PDIF and MIDI input / output, along with the Control Console - a 36x36x18 zero latency mixer/router. The FireStudio includes the ProPak Complete, a bundle of over 2GB of award-winning recording and production software, virtual instruments, plug-ins, drum loops and samples to get you started making music immediately.
The FireStudio also features the optional Monitor Station Remote (MSR) – an integrated surround sound/stereo speaker manager, input switcher and communication system delivering fast and efficient workflow for music creation. The MSR connects to the FireStudio via standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable to keep your work space as clean as possible. There are also two headphone outputs on the FireStudio for added convenience.

FireStudio Features:
  • High-speed FireWire (IEEE 1394) audio interface
  • 24-bit resolution, up to 96K sampling rate
  • 26 simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • 8 Class A microphone preamps w/ trim control
  • 8 analog line Inputs, 2 Instrument Inputs
  • 16 channels of optical ADAT I/O (8 ch. via 96k dual SMUX)
  • DICE II Chipset - ultra efficient data transfer
  • JetPLL™ – jitter elimination technology
  • Zero latency DSP full-matrix mixer/router
  • PreSonus ProPak Complete Audio Software Suite with Cubase LE, Reason Adapted, Amplitube LE, BFD Lite, Drumagog LE and more

The new FireStudio drivers are available by clicking here

Click for more information on the FireStudio.