Monitor Station Now Shipping

January 31, 2008

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, February 1, 2008 – PreSonus Audio Electronics is pleased to announce the Monitor Station desktop studio control center is now shipping!

The Monitor Station is the ultimate desktop monitoring and communications system for your recording studio. Based on the award-winning Central Station, the Monitor Station provides talkback, speaker switching, input source switching and four ultra loud and clear headphone amplifiers delivering everything you need to control your recording environment. You can listen to your mixes on different speakers; with and without the subwoofer, compare your mixes to your favorite CD’s and vinyl, listen in mono to check phase cancellation, use talkback to communicate to the artists during recording, and send Cue Mix to the four headphone amps and the Main Mix to your speakers.


•Main Speaker Volume control
•3 stereo inputs (two balanced TRS, one RCA Aux/Phono)
•3 sets of balanced TRS speaker outputs, each with level adjustment
•Talkback microphone with volume control to feed headphone and Cue output
•XLR input for external dynamic talkback microphone
•Accurate fast-acting dual 8-segment LED for metering
•4 loud and clear headphone amplifiers with separate volume control and input selection
•Main and Cue stereo output have independent input source selection
•Dim with variable level adjustment
•Aux and Phono level adjustment
•Mute and Mono