M80 Caputures Donnie Osmond

December 31, 2001

Well-known entertainer, Donnie Osmond, has joined the ranks of satisfied users of the Presonus M80 eight-channel microphone preamplifier. In a phone call to the Presonus manufacturing facility, Mr. Osmond revealed an astute appreciation of the Presonus M80's capabilities and audio characteristics, as well as a depth of recording knowledge gained through his many years of studio experience. He was especially pleased with the M80's performance recently while using it to archive analog masters to digital. He was so taken with the sound of his initial M80 that he has since purchased a second M80 to join his first unit in his recording studio and anticipates using one of the M80's for his live performances. One of his up-coming engagements will be a performance in New Orleans, LA, just 60 miles from Presonus in Baton Rouge at which time he is planning on paying the Presonus factory a visit. Presonus Audio Electronics, Inc. first started making noise on the audio processor scene in the mid-90's with the release of the award-winning DCP 8, an eight-channel digital controller of analog audio. Since that time a series of successful Presonus products have followed including the M80, the ACP88 eight-channel compressor/gate, the BlueMAX smart compressor and, most recently, the DigiMAX eight-channel microphone preamplifier with on board A/D converters and proprietary dual domain limiter on each channel.