Get the Studio One 1.5.2 Update!

August 2, 2010

Our software team has done it again. Just a month after releasing Studio One 1.5.1, we’re already shipping version 1.5.2 of our groundbreaking DAW software for Mac and Windows! This is a free update for all registered users of Studio One Artist and Studio One Pro. To update their software, users should log into their PreSonus accounts and download the new version.

Version 1.5.2 adds support for three new AKAI MIDI input devices, the LPD8, MPD26, and MPD18. It also fixes the following issues:
  • Crash when resizing the Transform window in the Editor
  • Improved performance with small buffer sizes
  • Improved sound quality with envelope auto speed in Dynamics Plugins
  • Save was not working when a Song was opened in Browser
  • Solo was disengaged when Command-clicking on an event with "Solo Follows Selection" enabled
  • Drag-and-drop from the browser to some third-party plug-ins was not working (Mac OS X only)
  • The Editor did not switch to the Drum Editor automatically when loading Impact
  • The mixdown path was not updated when saved to new folder
  • Automation and Inspector values were not the same for MIDI program changes
  • Tuner did not work with all buffer sizes
  • Only events in the active track layer were adjusted when changing track Tempo mode
  • The drum map was not correctly loaded when using drag-and-drop
  • Info view can now be placed at the bottom with a detached mixer
  • The Level clip counter was not working correctly
  • Instrument bounce was not exact when the Master Channel has plug-in delay
  • The channel fader can now display when turned completely down to -144 dB
  • Drag-and-drop was not working when mouse buttons were swapped in the mouse options (Windows only)
  • Fixed hanging note in Mojito when changing Velocity
  • Project page had occasional gaps in Digital Release 
  • Project page had performance issue with disabled tracks 
  • The Limiter was clipping in ISL mode
  • Cue mix output is now in Solo Save mode by default