Get the PreSonus Studio One 1.6.3 Update!

January 30, 2011

PreSonus Studio One Pro 1.6.3 and Studio One Artist 1.6.3 are now available. Version 1.6.3 is recommended for all Studio One users and provides the following enhancements and fixes:

General Changes
  • New Reset Window Positions command in the View menu. When using multiple displays, then switching to a single display, floating windows could get lost. This function resets their positions so you can see them again.
  • Goto Time command behavior simplified. Goto Time now snaps to the largest value you type in, rather than using the current position's bar/beat data to fill in the rest. For example, if you bring up Goto Time and type in "24," you will now jump to bar 24 exactly.
  • [Win] The Gear CD-burning driver changed data folder permissions; this has been fixed in new installs but it will not fix older installs.
  • [Win] Adobe Reader X is now supported.
  • [OSX] Studio One was crashing when switching sample rates while using TC Electronics' Near interface.
  • [OSX] Tempo detection was not working for all Apple loops.
  • Detached mixer was not visible after opening song.
  • No automation snap values for send volume and pan.
  • Automation envelope was not exactly snapping to the default value.
  • Bouncing instrument parts resulted in time-shifted events because a delay on the main output was not being accounted for.
  • Event transpose can now be used when merging instrument parts.
  • Opening big MIDI files in browser could hang Studio One for a while
  • [Sample One and Impact] Velocity curve was not correct when lowering gain
  • [Sample One and Impact] Volume was reduced too much when lowering Gain and not altering the Velocity to Amp parameter. (Old songs or presets may sound different.)