Get the PreSonus Studio One 1.6 Update!

September 28, 2010

PreSonus Studio One Pro 1.6 and Studio One Artist 1.6 are now available. This upgrade of our groundbreaking DAW software for Mac® and Windows® is recommended for all users. Version 1.6 provides an assortment of enhancements and fixes.

Major Changes and Fixes:

  • Free routing in mixer with infinite nested buses.
  • Added Mackie HUI support.
  • Added VST 3.1 support (Knob mode support).
  • Added Chinese language support.
  • Added Transmit option for mapped controllers in Control Link.
Minor Changes and Fixes
  • Resizing Modifier for Note Editor: CMD = same length; ALT = same position
  • Save last filename in Export dialog
  • Autosave is now On as the default
  • REX file support in Windows and OS X 64-bit versions


  • MTC could stutter
  • Crash when switching track between Mono and Stereo
  • Crash with Export Stems
  • Offset in Mixdown when routing through buses
  • Mackie Control display not working
  • Transpose command limited to ±36 in Editor
  • Paint Tool with [Ctrl]/[Cmd] modifier not allowing resize and drag in Editor
  • Legato and Retrigger had no function in Mojito
  • Project length calculation was wrong when disabling last track
  • Keyboard focus issues with OS X
  • Updated Gear driver installer should solve CD burning issues with some drives
  • Fast Forward and Rewind now supported on MMC devices
  • Crash when removing Control Link device

Registered users can download the update by logging into their PreSonus account. You can log into your account from the Start Page of Studio One or by clicking here.