FirePod/FP10 Upgrade Program

October 23, 2008

Three years ago PreSonus created the breakthrough recording interface - the Firepod. The Firepod sold for $599 and was the best-selling fireWire recording system for many years.

Today, PreSonus has created THE NEXT breakthrough recording interface that shatters the price/performance barrier – The Firestudio Tube. And for a limited time, Firepod/FP10 customers can purchase a Firestudio Tube for the SAME PRICE as they did their Firepod! ($599 after mail in rebate).

Upgrade your FirePod or FP10 to the new FireStudio Tube and get SIXTEEN analog inputs including two tube preamplifiers with analog limiters, eight XMAX microphone preamplifiers, six balanced line inputs, Jet PLL sync, improved AD/DA converters, along with $200 CASH BACK!   PreSonus makes it easy!

Here’s How:

  • Step 1: Purchase the PreSonus FireStudio Tube
  • Step 2: Download and complete the FirePod/FP10 Upgrade Program Form
  • Step 3: Send your FP10/FirePod along with the completed upgrade form stapled to a copy of the original receipt for the FireStudio Tube and the UPC bar code from the FireStudio Tube box.
  • Step 4: PreSonus will send you a check for $200!

See the FirePod/FP10 Upgrade Program Form for complete details.

Comparison between the new FireStudio Tube and the FirePod/FP10