Fire On The Bayou

December 31, 2001

Presonus Audio Electronics introduces the Presonus FIREstation. The FIREstation is a computer recording interface that provides connection to the recording software environment via a high speed FireWire™ connection. The FIREstation is the first product from Presonus that utilizes a licensing agreement with Yamaha Corporation to implement the new Yamaha mLAN FireWire™ recording and audio networking protocol. FireWire™, the ultimate recording media network, solves the problem of having to use an internal recording interface sound card or large. cable connecting to a recording interface. The benefits of FireWire™ and the IEEE1394 standard are many, including: hundreds of channels of digital audio and midi on one network, easy connection of additional interfaces between products, master clock control bus that precludes the need forward clock distribution. The FireStation will be compatible with many software packages on both Mac and PC platforms. The FIREstation features include: High-Speed FireWire™ Interface. Two Dual-Servo Preamplifiers with Switchable Tube Circuit. Two 1/4” Instrument Preamps. 48V Phantom Power with -10dB Pad. Balanced Preamp Sends via 1/4” TRS Connectors. Ten-Channel Analog Mixer. MIDI I/O. Eight Channels of Analog I/O. Eight Channels of ADAT™ I/O. S/PDIF I/O. Control Room and Headphone Outputs with Separate Volume Controls. External Recording Punch Input. Expandable to 48 Channels of I/O Word Clock Input/Output via BNC Connectors. The Presonus FIREstation will be shipping this summer 2002. MSRP $899.95