AudioBox 1.2.1 Public Beta Released

July 30, 2012

PreSonus has released its new AudioBox 1.2.1 driver as a public beta.

The current AudioBox 1.2 driver release is not compatible with new Macs that have USB 3.0 ports and with any Mac running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

This beta driver release accommodates the following recent Apple updates and releases:

- OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

- New Apple Mac computers with USB 3.0 ports

Note: This driver will work with new Apple Mac computers having USB 3.0 ports and with Mountain Lion installed. This beta release has been tested with AB1818VSL Remote, and no bugs are known to exist at this point.

Compatible Interfaces

- AudioBox USB

- AudioBox 22VSL

- AudioBox 44VSL

- AudioBox 1818VSL

Known Issues

- Random driver pops/clicks on ADAT S/MUX-clocked audio streams

Note: The AudioBox 1.2.1 public-beta release is not supported by PreSonus Technical Support. Please refer to the appropriate forum posts related to this release for help from other users and from PreSonus staff who are monitoring the forum.

You can download the beta from our forum here.

IMPORTANT! PreSonus always tests beta software as much as possible before making it public. However, please understand that beta drivers could have bugs. Please use your best judgement before running any release that is still in beta. If you install the beta release and experience any issues, please check the forum to see if the issue is known. If an issue has not been reported on the forum, please share your findings with the other users and PreSonus staff on the forum so we can look into it.