PreSonus Active Integration Powers Next-Generation Product Ecosystem

January 23, 2013

Products that sense each other, interact and work together wirelessly, feature 32-bit floating-point DSP and seamlessly integrated software, and run on CPUs far more powerful than competitors’ current audio products—PreSonus has realized this dream with its new Active Integration technology.

PreSonus®’ next-generation Active Integration products combine powerful 32-bit floating-point DSP, wireless and wired communication, and proprietary software to solve real-world live sound and studio problems. During the past four years, PreSonus has led the industry in hardware/software integration, and Active Integration takes this concept to a new level, offering high-end capabilities that have never been available before.

Active Integration products employ cutting-edge OMAP™ 5 multi-core ARM 2GHz Cortex-A processors — a whole computer on a chip. These 32-bit, 96 kHz multi-stream CPUs include an operating system, wireless and 100 Mb Ethernet communications, USB 2.0 and 1.1, and lavish amounts of 532 MHz LPDDR2 SD RAM.

The first fruits of Active Integration technology are the PreSonus StudioLive™ 32.4.2AI digital mixer and StudioLive AI-series loudspeakers. These new products include powerful wireless remote control over a variety of features, using free Mac®, Windows®, and iPad® software. In addition, Active Integration enables optional standard Ethernet and AVB Ethernet communications, making possible extremely flexible, powerful, networked systems.

For the AI-series loudspeakers, massive DSP enables the use of Fulcrum Acoustics’ high-end TQ™ Temporal Equalization algorithms to produce coaxial speaker systems with exceptional clarity and coherence. It also makes possible an extensive set of control features for customizing and optimizing the system and for monitoring and fine-tuning performance in real time. To get anything approaching the control features using outboard speaker processors would cost at least $2,500.

Thanks to Active Integration, the StudioLive 32.4.2AI mixer has 64 times the processing power and an incredible 10,000 times more RAM than the previous top-of-the-line StudioLive 24.4.2. This makes possible an extended feature set, including twice as many internal effects buses and the addition of mute groups, user-assignable Quick Scene Recall buttons, and the ability to create two complete sets of EQ and dynamics settings for a channel and then make quick A/B comparisons at the touch of a button.

With Active Integration, new features and enhancements can be added in future firmware and software updates—and PreSonus has earned a reputation for regularly supplying such updates in its digital products.

PreSonus is a member of the OMAP Founding Advisory Committee.