PreSonus ADL 700 Wins Resolution Award

November 21, 2013

Last year we begged, pleaded, and all but bribed the readers of Resolution magazine to vote for our product. Indeed, Studio One Professional 2 won, but not, we were told, because of anything we said or did. It was all about the product. It had nothing to do with the $5 bill we slipped to… well, maybe we shouldn’t tell that story.

This year we decided to be adults about the award—and you know how hard that is for musicians, especially us. We simply delivered the ADL 700 tube channel strip to dealers, wrote some copy explaining why we thought it was going to become a classic (wait and see!), and let the awards fall where they may. After all, the ADL 700 is a feature-rich, great-sounding channel strip. We trusted that the experienced, cross-discipline panel that represents the readers of Resolution magazine in choosing the winners would love it.

It worked! We’re proud to announce that our ADL 700 won the 2013 Resolution Award in the Dynamic category. We at PreSonus thank the readers and editors of Resolution for this fabulous honor!

Read what reviewers and artists have to say (PDF) about the ADL 700!