US Offer Ended 6/30/14
Outside the US, check with your local PreSonus distributor.

Save up to $1200 when you trade in your “classic” ­StudioLive mixer for the 2X power, extra ­features
and sweet sound of our new AI Series!

2X Fat Channel processing

on all input channels and all buses with A/B comparison

Wireless control

with or without a laptop.
USB WiFi LAN adapter
plus super-easy config Ethernet connection.

Even better sound quality

with Burr-Brown A/D/A’s and Studio One's 64-bit mixing algorithms

2X Digital FX processors

4 total (2 delay, 2 reverb) each with 50 customizable presets

Global track and bus renaming

Changes are broadcast across the network to
the mixer & all its apps

Mixers scenes save in Capture

and open with pre-set
Fat Channel plug-ins in Studio One or VSL

Smaart® audio analysis on
every channel

to help make your PA sound its best

Upgradable ­network options

Card slot for future
ThunderBolt®, ­Dante®,
and AVB interfaces.

Send us your StudioLive 16.0.2, “classic” 16.4.2 or 24.4.2 and get a serious discount on a new, WAY more powerful AI Series mixer at your PreSonus dealer.

Move up from a compact 16.0.2 to a 16.4.2AI or a 24.4.2AI. Boost your channel count and add mute groups and Quick Scenes with a 32.4.2AI. Any way you go, you’ll appreciate AI Series’ added capabilities and sound quality.

To get the full Power-Up Trade-in discount, your ­StudioLive mixer must be in working condition and ­cosmetically acceptable. If your mixer isn’t in working order or cosmetically trashed, we’ll give you a repair estimate, which can be deducted from the trade-in discount.

This offer in the US ended June 30, 2014 but may still be available outside the US. Contact your local PreSonus distributor for more information.

  1. How does this program work?
    You go online to (Hey! You’re probably there now!).
    1. Click the Power-Up button and you’ll be taken to and the Power-Up entry form section.
    2. If you’ve registered your existing StudioLive, we’ll use that information. If not, register your old StudioLive so that it “gets into our system.”
    3. Fill out the form and click the proverbial SUBMIT button.
    4. You’ll receive a confirmation email. If we have any questions, we’ll also call you.
    5. Follow the email’s instructions for how to pack your mixer and mark the package with a Return Authorization number.
    6. Send us your mixer.
    7. You’ll receive an email confirming that we received your mixer. We’ll check it out and confirm that it’s in “working order and cosmetically acceptable”. See FAQ #14 for more info on this.
    8. If your mixer checks out OK, we’ll send you yet another confirmation email, and you can head on in to your designated PreSonus dealer and get your new AI mixer at serious savings.
    9. If you are upgrading to either a StudioLive 24.4.2AI or 32.4.2AI, don’t forget to visit to redeem your free PRM-1 Measurement Microphone.
  2. Why should I upgrade through PreSonus if I’ve seen StudioLive mixers sell for more on the used market? Yes, you can list your mixer on Craigslist. But you risk having creepy guys come to your house. Ebay® is a great option as well. However, you are subject to buyer’s remorse and tons of additional fees. With the AI Power-Up Program, as long as your mixer is in good working and cosmetic condition, you know exactly what you will get toward a new AI mixer — no guessing.
  3. Why should I upgrade to an AI mixer? They look really similar to my current StudioLive. The new AI mixers sound even better than “classic” StudioLive mixers, have way more processing power, have double the effects, and you can control them wirelessly without a computer. In addition, they are infinitely more upgradeable because of the option card on the back. We are already working on Thunderbolt, Dante and AVB cards.

    In addition, we’re about to announce some mega-GINORMOUS AI-mixer-only firmware upgrades that Engineering won’t let us say anything more about yet—except that these upgrades are major, and you’ll wish you’d upgraded when the news becomes public.
  4. I live outside of the U.S. Can I upgrade my mixer? Although this program is only open to U.S. customers, we have distributors around the world that would be glad to help you upgrade to an AI mixer or put you in touch with a regional dealer that takes trade-ins. Visit to contact a distributor in your country.
  5. What if my mixer is broken and needs repair? Can I still participate in the Power-up Upgrade Program? If your mixer is broken or not up to functional or cosmetic standards, we can repair it when we get it back and will just charge you for the repair. This would effectively reduce your trade-in value by the amount of our standard non-warranty fee for repairing your mixer.
  6. I cannot have downtime. How can I upgrade my mixer? We can recommend a regional dealer that takes in used gear toward the purchase of a new AI mixer. Just email us at The value of the trade-in will be determined by the dealer and may be different than what you will get through the AI Power-Up Program. However, the upside is that you can go home with a StudioLive AI mixer the same day.
  7. If I decide to just go through a local dealer that does trade-ins on used gear, will they give me the same trade-in value? Not necessarily. You will need to contact the dealer and have your mixer evaluated by them to determine the trade-in value.
  8. I own a different brand of mixer. Can I upgrade from a non-PreSonus mixer? Yes, you can; however, we will need to put you in touch with a regional dealer that deals in used gear. They will let you know what they can do on a trade-in. Email us at, and we will get you in touch with someone.
  9. What happens if my mixer gets damaged in transit? Please make sure your mixer is packed well and is sent using a shipping service that offers insurance and tracking. PreSonus is not responsible for lost or damaged mixers.
  10. How should I pack my mixer? I don’t have the original box. In order to receive the maximum amount for your trade-in, you need to ensure that your mixer is properly packaged for shipment. PreSonus can sell you a box that will include proper packaging material for $25 to $40, depending on which mixer you have. This box is not required, but please understand that if your mixer arrives damaged due to improper packaging, you will not receive the maximum amount for your trade-in. To order a box, contact
  11. What items do I need to include with my mixer when I send it back? You will need to include your mixer and the IEC power cord. No other items are required.
  12. I have an original StudioLive 24.4.2 mixer. Can I upgrade to a new 16.4.2AI? Currently we only allow for trade-ins of equal or greater channel count. We can put you in touch with a regional dealer that could work out a trade in toward a 16.4.2AI if you’d like. Email us at
  13. I see you also offer a free PRM-1 rebate with a purchase of a StudioLive 24.4.2AI or 32.4.2AI. If I do decide to upgrade, am I eligible to get the free PRM1? Yes! Any customer that upgrades to an AI mixer can still participate in the free PRM1 promotion. You’ll need to fill out the rebate form for the PRM1 here:
  14. What type of condition does my mixer need to be in? Will you take ANYTHING back? In order to receive the maximum amount for your trade-in, your mixer must be fully functional and cosmetically acceptable. If your unit requires additional work to bring it up to the quality standard, you will be charged the normal non-warranty repair charge, which would basically reduce your trade-in value. If your mixer looks like it fell off a truck, was hit with a sledgehammer, or went through a war, it will not be eligible for a trade-in and will be returned to you.
  15. Well…what does “fully functional” and “cosmetically acceptable” mean?
    1. Fully Functional:
      1. The unit must power and boot up successfully
      2. The unit must pass audio in all channels – no noise (above the standard noise floor), static, or digital distortion
      3. All LEDs and buttons must light up and function
      4. All preamp and Fat Channel pots must be fully functional
    2. Cosmetically Acceptable:
      1. All knobs and fader caps must be present
      2. Plastic side trim pieces must be present and not cracked
      3. Scribble strips should be as clean as possible, with no excessive adhesive buildup from tape
      4. The unit should not have any dents, excessive scratches (longer than two inches), rust, excessive buildup from smoke, or damage from spilled liquids. The following pictures show examples of acceptable and unacceptable:




      Unacceptable – surface rust and excessive scratches
      Non-warranty repair required for this unit.

      Unacceptable – excessive environmental build-up
      Non-warranty repair required for this unit.

      Unacceptable – excessive scratches
      Non-warranty repair required for this unit.

  16. What if my mixer is in need of repair, and it is still under warranty? If your mixer needs repair and is still under warranty, you will not be charged for the repair, provided it complies our cosmetic requirement.
  17. What if my mixer is already being repaired? Can I still take advantage of this program? Yes. Please contact to find out how to proceed if your mixer is currently with us for a repair.
  18. I have Studio One already registered. Do I have to unregister it and ship the software pack back with my board? Not at all. Just pack up your board and send it to us once you have filled out and entered into the Power-Up Program.
  19. What do I need to ship back with my mixer? You are just required to get the board and IEC cable to us. Please keep the cables, manuals, and software pack.
  20. My board is missing a couple knobs or faders. What should I do? This can be determined when the board is being looked over for physical and cosmetic status.
  21. I no longer have the original side panels for my mixer because I installed the rack rails some time ago, Is that ok? This can be determined when the board is being looked over for physical and cosmetic status.
  22. Are you going to do this for other products in the future? This is the first time that we have launched such a program. Based on the results of this pilot program and how well it is received, we would consider future options.
  23. I have two original StudioLive 16.4.2 mixers. Can I trade them toward ONE StudioLive 32.4.2AI? Unfortunately, we can only upgrade one mixer for another mixer. However, if you want to upgrade both of your original 16.4.2 mixers for two AI models, you are welcome to do so.

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