SPL (Sound Pressure Level)

The measurement of the acoustic pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. Measured in decibels (dB), SPL is generally used to define how loud a sound is.

dB Example Sound
0 dB Threshold of human hearing
10 dB Anechoic chamber
20 dB "Silent" recording studio
30 dB Quiet whisper
40 dB Quiet theatre or auditorium
50 dB Average home
60 dB Normal conversation level
70 dB Coffee shop
80 dB Busy suburban street
90 dB City traffic
95 dB Subway
100 dB Shouting
105 dB Trombone
110 dB Average nightclub
115 dB Rock concert
120 dB Pain threshold
130 dB Jack hammer
140 dB Jet engine