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Studio One comes in three flavors: Our flagship Professional Edition perpetual license, Studio One Artist, a powerful, lighter edition software license of Studio One, and Studio One+, our subscription offering with access to Studio One Professional Edition and much more.

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New in 6.5! Immersive Audio
Integrated spatial audio production workflow
Dolby Atmos integration up to 9.1.6 and 96kHz
Support for Dolby Atmos binaural headphone monitoring
Updated spatial audio compatible plug-in set
OpenAir² convolution reverb with true 7.1.4 HDIRs
Studio One Remote update for spatial audio mixing
Unlimited Tracks, FX Channels, Buses, and Plug-ins
Native Effects Plug-ins 53 39 28
Celemony Melodyne Essentials Essentials Trial
Industry-Leading Lyrics Support
Featured Artist presets
Virtual Instruments 5 5 5
Sample and Loop Libraries 80+ 15 8
Pattern Editor
Chord Track with Harmonic Editing
Scratch Pads
Presence XT Add-on Sound Libraries:
  1. Deep Flight One
  2. XT Core Library
  3. Studio Grand
  4. Symphony Orchestra
Presence XT Editor
Tom Brechtlein Drums Vol 1 and 2
Score Editor
Note FX  
Notion® Add-on Library
Track Presets
Channel Overview  
CTC Console Shaper
CTC-1 Pro, Alpine Desk, Brit Console, PortaCassette
Project Page
Audio Batch Converter
Show Page
Exclusive Masterclasses
Monthly live streams
Expert Chat
Connect and Collaborate
Cloud-based Workspaces with 100GB Storage