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We at PreSonus are always in the process of improving our products, and the most important feedback is from our customers. We review all of our feedback and take all suggestions seriously. We would love your input on how we can make our products better. Please be as specific as possible in describing your issue or suggestion. Please remember to let us know the product you are using and an email address where we can contact you if we have questions. Thank you again for helping to make our products better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I add measures to my score?
  • - Place the play cursor at the point where you wish to add measures, and select the bar line tool from the entry pallet.

  • Will I be charged a second time if I need to download previously purchased instruments or bundles?
  • - No. As long as you are logged into the iTunes store under the same account you may re-download previously purchased sounds at no charge.

  • What type of files can be imported to Notion for iPad?
  • - Notion will allow the import of either Notion, MIDI, Music XML or legacy Guitar Pro files.

  • What are the options for the opening, sharing or importing of files into Notion?
  • - You can open/import .notion, music XML, and MIDI files. You can share your files via email, dropbox, iCloud, or iTunes.

  • How do I delete items from a score?

  • You can delete items from your score a number of different ways:
    - Select the item in your score individually by tapping on the item with your finger. Then press the eraser icon in the palette.
    - Press the “Select” icon in the palette. Use the blue guides to determine the area you would like to delete. Press the “Eraser” icon in the palette.
    - Double tap on the screen in the area you’d like to delete items. Use the blue guides to determine the area you would like to delete. Choose either “Delete” or “Clear” to remove the score items. (Delete will remove the notes and measures while “Clear” will only remove the notes)

  • Do I need to leave Notion open to download instruments?
  • - Yes, Notion must remain open to continue downloading purchases. If you close the app during a download, it will resume the download when re-opened.

  • How do I know what instruments are installed?

  • - In the store menu and instrument setup, during a download, the purchased instruments will show a download progress bar. When complete the instrument will be available in score setup and flagged as installed in the store menu.

  • I have no sound during playback.

  • - Be sure that the volume on your device is turned up and not muted. Check the mixer settings to see if any tracks are muted or soloed.

  • Where is my score saved while I am working on it?

  • - When a new score is created or imported, it is saved in score list on the home screen under the score title.

  • How do I delete a file from the score list?

  • - Tap the edit button above the score list, or swipe vertically on the right-hand side of the title to reveal the delete option.

  • How do I change my instrument tuning?

  • - In the score setup menu, tap the blue arrow to the right of the instrument in the score list. In the transposition box select your key and octave.

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