2009: StudioLive arrives to bridge a gap in the pro audio realm. Studio recording and live sound were two related, distinct realms. Folks would generally gravitate to one side or the other.

The name says it all—our goal from the start was to bring these two camps under one roof by offering familiar live console workflow for the studio crowd and studio-grade processing to the live crowd.

It worked. StudioLive has been used in all the ways we hoped, but in places that we never expected. It’s been a part of Grammy-winning CDs and short-run indie 45s. It’s been at major EDM music festivals and dive bar punk shows. Small chapels and megachurches.

But most importantly, it’s in the garages and home studios of DJs, rock’n’rollers, engineers, producers, bassists, livestreamers, and more.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.
Or, better yet, you talk about you.

How? Show us how you StudioLive with a short video of 30 seconds or less. Upload via the form on this page. We’ve posted a few videos to inspire, and we’ll be sharing the best stuff on our social profiles and website for the rest of the year—and hopefully bring you and your art a bit of attention.

Once a month, we'll be giving away a different prize to one entrant. For December, we're giving away Studio One Professional!

These prizes will awarded to random entries—this is not a contest rewarding your skill as a video producer. Just get out there and show us how you StudioLive!

Tell us your #IAmStudioLive story!

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