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PreSonus Technical Support

Knowledge Base

Before contacting technical support, please check the Knowledge Base for solutions to commonly asked questions. The PreSonus Knowledge Base has our most popular Frequently Asked Questions, known issues, and tutorials.Forums


You can also check out the PreSonus Forums to chat with other PreSonus users about tips, tricks, and your favorite tools of the trade.

What to expect when contacting Technical Support:

  • Note that your product must be registered to receive technical support. 
  • Please be ready to provide the email address with which you registered your account.
  • Be in front of the product that you are calling about and (if applicable) the computer you are using it with. Please have the serial number of the product you are calling about ready to give to the support agent. The serial number is located on the bottom or the rear of your product. 
  • Check the list of products that are eligible for phone support (below). 
  • Depending on the time of day, you can expect to be on hold for up to 30 minutes once you have entering the queue. 
    • The system does not allow any call on hold to exceed 30 minutes once you have entered the queue.
      • There are options in the system before entering the queue to exit out and leave a voicemail that will create an automatic support ticket if you don’t want to hold. 
    • If you hang up and call again later, you will go back into the beginning of the queue. 
    • After 30 minutes, calls are automatically diverted to a messaging center that converts voice messages into a support ticket. 
      • To create a support ticket, please provide:
        • Your first and last name (spell slowly)
        • The email address with which you registered your account (spell slowly)
        • The name of the product and a description of the issue you are calling about
      • Messages left with incomplete information will result in no response. 
        • Your email address and your name are the only ways we can find your account, so it’s important that we can clearly understand them. 
      • Please do not leave your phone number, as we cannot honor call-back requests. 
      • Please do not continue to contact the front desk, as they are limited on the services they can provide.

For Studio One specific support:

  • We will assist with getting your product installed and/or authorized. 
  • We do not offer or assist with product usage or training over the phone. For these inquiries please submit a support ticket at

Spare Parts Pricing and Availability Request

  • All parts request must be submitted via the website only. 
  • Submit a Request using our online system at
  • We will evaluate each request. 
  • Some parts are not available for individual sale and must be installed through our factory service repair process. 
  • Parts are no longer for products that have gone end of service, so see a list of products that have gone end of service click here.

Submit an Online Technical Support Request

In most cases, our online support system is the most efficient means of technical support.

Note that your product must be registered to submit an online technical support request.

Telephone Technical Support

Note that your product must be registered to receive telephone technical support.

  • PreSonus telephone technical support is available to customers in the USA on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST).
  • +1-225-216-7887
  • Before contacting technical support, please check the Knowledge Base for solutions to commonly asked questions.
  • Customers outside of the USA should contact their national or regional distributor for telephone technical support. A list of international distributors is provided here.

  • StudioLive Mixers
  • StudioLive AI Mixers
  • StudioLive AI Speakers
  • Studio One Software
  • Capture
  • QMix
  • QMix AI
  • SL Remote
  • SL Remote AI
  • PRM1 Mic
  • AudioBox USB
  • AudioBox 22VSL, 44VSL or 1818VSL Series
  • AB 1818VSL Remote
  • FireStudio Mobile
  • FireStudio Project
  • ADL 600
  • ADL 700
  • Blue Tube DP2
  • Digimax D8
  • Eureka
  • RC500
  • Studio Channel
  • Tube Pre V2
  • Eris Monitors
  • Sceptre Monitors
  • Central Station Plus
  • FaderPort
  • HD7
  • HP4
  • HP60
  • Monitor Station
  • ACP 88 


Additional Technical Training and Support from OBEDIA

Looking for extended training or support outside of PreSonus business hours? OBEDIA provides affordable personal training and technical support seven days a week. The OBEDIA team of skilled professionals is comprised of musicians and engineers who have extensive experience with PreSonus recording interfaces and with Studio One.
OBEDIA is also pleased to offer PreSonus users a 15-point bonus. Click here to visit OBEDIA for pricing and additional information.

Free Email Support and Custom Video Training from Home Studio Trainer

Home Studio Trainer offers free email support (for anything related to Presonus hardware and Studio One), custom instructional video requests as well as an affordable Skype training option where you can ask questions and structure the training to address only what you need. You can also choose from the list of available subjects at HST University and create you own, customized training course. Video recording of each session is available for a very affordable, additional fee. Click the linbks in this paragraph or call +1 (773)303-7260.