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Learn More About Studio One

If you've explored this site, you undoubtedly have gotten the point that Studio One® is incredibly easy to learn and use and offers a fast, intuitive workflow. Instead of spending your time figuring out the software, you can have fun making music. 

That said, Studio One has a wealth of features, so the PreSonus® team—and several generous Studio One users—have created an assortment of educational resources to help you get the most from the program.

Throughout this site, you'll find links for instructional videos that expand on the associated text. You can also find most of those videos and more in the playlists in the right column of our video player. Of course, check out the five Studio One playlists but don't overlook the playlists for PreSonus Live, PreSonus 101, PreSonus Users, Winter NAMM, and PreSonuSphere; all contain additional Studio One-related videos.

The PreSonus Knowledge Base is a valuable source of information about Studio One and our other products. Our lively and friendly forums are a great place to interact with fellow Studio One users. And our FAQ page answers some of the most common questions we hear about Studio One. 


A. There are several excellent third-party resources available. See the information and links below for details.

Video Content


Groove3’s tutorial videos are available at These in-depth videos will get you up and running quickly with Studio One. Groove3 also hosts videos about a multitude of other audio programs and techniques that you may find useful. If you’re interested in Studio One and in digital recording techniques in general, Groove3 is a superb choice. The videos are inexpensive and can be streamed from anywhere. Physical copies can be purchased as well.


If Studio One training one-on-one, with a real human, is what you require, there are few better resources than We have partnered with Obedia to provide Studio One training from the beginner to advanced level.


Studio One training videos have hit and are available here. With over two hours of extensive video training for Studio One 2, this is an excellent resource for musicians of all skill levels. Focused on songwriting, the 22 sections of the course cover every aspect of the software, from basic setup to mixing and mastering your final project.

An excellent resource for Studio One beginners can also be found on the learning resource Check out the two-hour course at this link.

Instructional Books

Hal Leonard Publishing has two series of books on Studio One. One is Power Tools for Studio One 2 by Larry the O. Volume 1, available here, is out now; Volume 2 is in production.

Hal Leonard also offers Studio One for Engineers and Producers, written by William Edstrom, Jr. This book can be purchased at this link.

Alfred Publishing has an entry-level book, Alfred's Teach Yourself Studio One, Version 2.0 by David Terry. Check it out here.