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Online Community and Support

When you begin using Studio One®, you are welcomed to a worldwide community of Studio One users.

The first clue that you have entered a new world comes when you boot up Studio One and land on the Start page. The Start page not only gives you quick access to your Songs and Projects, it also connects you with the world.

The most obvious sign is the RSS news feed, which brings you updates about new versions of Studio One, notices of PreSonus® activities of interest, and announcements of third-party content and products available for use with Studio One. The Demos and Tutorials tab in the same area of the Start page accesses demo Songs and video tutorials to get you oriented and show you tricks for tracks.

Below the News Feed area, an array of buttons points your browser to our social-media outlets (which we'll discuss more in a moment). The upper right corner of the Start page hosts buttons to access your SoundCloud™ and Nimbit® accounts. The Nimbit Dashboard brings even more news to you, all about traffic on your Nimbit page.

Getting better all the time.

Our Web site is positively littered with resources to help you get the most from Studio One.

The Knowledge Base incorporates a wealth of instructional videos and tutorial articles on a wide variety of basic and advanced Studio One topics.

The Studio One forums are a great place to exchange ideas, get help from other users, and communicate suggestions to us. We also use the forums to get information out to you about events, new versions, and other news the Studio One community should have.

Videos, we’ve got videos! Our Web site is thoroughly polluted with videos of useful, clear explanations of Studio One's features and ways to record, edit, mix, and master. Nothing is held back, as we reveal secrets and tips, large and small, from our team, our customers, and other cool folks. You can find these videos just about everywhere you look, including the Tutorials section of this site, the Videos section of the main PreSonus site, and still more in our Knowledge Base.

Don’t miss our celebrated PreSonus Live webcasts. (We celebrate after each one.) We archive past shows but it's even more fun to watch them live. Sign up to be notified of upcoming live webcasts by clicking here.

Share and enjoy.

Sharing is one of the joys of being part of a community, and the Studio One community is a generous one. In addition to sharing tips and helping each other on the aforementioned forum, you can participate in Studio One discussions and check out the resources on Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and Tumblr.

You can share more than ideas, though. It’s easy to directly share presets, FX Chains, macros, and Soundsets with other Studio One users on the free PreSonus Exchange. Want to download a resource from Exchange? Drag it in from your Studio One Browser’s Exchange folder. To share something, drag it to your Exchange folder. This is the way of the future!

When you’re ready to share some tracks, simply upload to SoundCloud from within Studio One Professional. To play with tracks others are sharing, download from SoundCloud directly to Studio One Artist, Producer, or Professional—via drag-and-drop, of course.

Here’s the topper: When you’re ready to deliver final songs and albums, simply upload directly to Nimbit, where you can reach your fans, market and sell music, promote yourself and your music, and much more. A free basic Nimbit account comes with every copy of Studio One Artist, Producer, and Professional. Need we mention that we made uploading to Nimbit really, really easy? Right, you knew that!

Tech support to live for.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you want to discuss the eternal reasons for that, we can refer you to a voodoo queen in New Orleans. But if you want to discuss the reason Studio One isn’t behaving as expected, we offer several more mundane—but very effective—options.

We've mentioned the Studio One forum; make that your first stop. Then check the Support menu on this site for tips and walkthroughs on installing and activating Studio One and to access our Knowledge Base, downloads archive, manuals and documentation, and language packs. For detailed instructions about how to install, register, activate, and update Studio One, click here.

If these resources don’t solve the problem, it’s time to call in the superheroes of Help Desk technical support. We offer online tech support, email support, and (in the USA) phone support. International customers can also get tech support from their regional distributors.

Indeed, when you use Studio One, nobody can justly say that you have no visible means of support!

The magic of PreSonuSphere.

We love social media, and we like making things with newer and better technology than existed before. But when people get together in person, amazing things happen. That's what our annual PreSonuSphere user conference is all about. PreSonus users, members of the media, artists, experts, and most of the PreSonus staff live and breathe PreSonus for two days and nights in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, trading ideas, teaching and learning, attending concerts, making suggestions, and feasting on our legendary jambalaya.

There are places you can have more fun than at PreSonuSphere—but few of them are legal. Click this link to get more information on PreSonuSphere.