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Sounds Better.

You can hear the difference with Studio One®. It just sounds better. This isn’t some happy accident, though: Studio One has a new 64-bit audio engine, written from the ground up.

Studio One provides truly high-resolution audio, recording at sample rates up to 384 kHz with 32-bit floating point resolution. Studio One Professional can operate its mixer with 64-bit floating-point, double-precision processing. When needed, Studio One's audio engine automatically switches to 32-bit processing on the fly for use with plug-ins that can only process 32-bit audio.

These are not simply theoretical advantages; the difference is audible. Our opinions are a little biased, we admit, but we encourage you not to take our word for it. Take a look at what others have to say about the sound of Studio One, how smooth and "analog" it sounds. Most of all, listen for yourself.