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Studio One Champions

Studio One is fast gaining a rabid following among artists, producers, and engineers in a wide variety of genres. Here are just a few examples of the comments we get from well-known champions of Studio One.

Teddy Riley

"I’m done, this is my sequencer forever."

"You will never get a writers block with this software."

"I know if I got an idea, I know that idea is going to come out right... [Studio One] makes me want to do something and make a bunch of music."

"You can do pretty much anything."

"I would challenge anyone with this software."

"It’s this program for me."

Read more about Teddy Riley. Riley is a huge supporter of Studio One, and he discusses some of the reasons in this video. Watch him demonstrate his Studio One magic at the 2012 Winter NAMM show and again at the 2013 Winter NAMM show—this is must-see stuff!

Khaliq Glover

“Studio One is such a powerful program and at the same time so easy. In fact, I’ve never even used the manual. You can really just figure a lot of stuff out on the fly. Every time I use it I learn something new, and that’s pretty exciting. I rely almost exclusively on Studio One for processing individual parts and making the final mix sound good."

Read more about Khaliq Glover.

Daniel Myer

“Studio One is really the most versatile DAW I’ve ever worked with. I can use it for everything, from composing and arranging and recording vocals in the studio to live performance. No other DAW can do all that and do it all so well.”

Read more about Daniel Myer.

Luke Mourinet

“Studio One seduced me in many ways. It was incredibly smart, very stable, sounded great, was easy to use, and responded well to the stress I put it through. I liked the way everything stayed organized; I was going from amazement to amazement, truly excited, and that’s the most important thing. When a DAW puts you in condition to be inspired and creative, it makes you feel that the sky’s the limit.”

Read more about Luke Mourinet.

Ivan "Vigilante" Muñoz

“I like everything about Studio One, but especially its stability when I’m working with many tracks or with very demanding virtual instruments. I also appreciate the efficiency of being able to drag-and-drop my effects and VIs onto my tracks.”

Read more about Vigilante.

Justin Lassen

“Studio One Professional 2 is a breath of fresh air in the DAW market. Finally, something that is clean and fresh, not bloated with 10 million useless extras—and it’s focused on the creation process."

"The plug-ins that come with the software just work!"

Read more about Justin Lassen.