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Studio One is available in English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish out of the box. If you would like to help us translate Studio One into your language, please read on.

Language Packs

Studio One can be localized for several locales via language packs. A language pack is a file containing all resources for a certain language like strings used in menus and windows. Language packs are hosted on PreSonus Exchange and can be installed easily by Studio One users.

Localization Tools

You can use any software localization tool compatible with the GNU gettext .po file format. However, we recommend using the CCL Localizer application provided by PreSonus which is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Besides translation editing, it enables you to build language packs on your local system for testing purposes.

Translation Repository

PreSonus maintains all translation files and tools in a public repository. If you would like to develop a new language pack for Studio One, please contact us and we will setup the required files.

Go to PreSonus Translation Files Repository