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Start for Free, Then Go Pro.

Studio One® is easy to learn and fun to use! You can accomplish a lot with the basic features, and you can upgrade to more advanced versions whenever you’re ready. We’ve provided a simple path that begins with the entry-level Studio One Free, progresses through the increasingly powerful Studio One Artist and Studio One Producer, and culminates in complete music-production software that takes you from first riff to final release: Studio One Professional.

If you really want to get straight to the hard-core, point-by-point comparison of Studio One versions, follow these links to see how the features, plug-ins, and included content stack up.

Studio One Free

Studio One Free is ideal for beginners who don’t yet need the advanced features in Studio One Artist, Producer, and Professional. It’s also a great way for experienced DAW users to get a taste of Studio One before committing to a more advanced version. Studio One Free provides all of the recording and editing features needed for basic music production—and as its name states, it’s free. Studio One Free is not a demo, and it never times out.  Download Studio One Free now.

Studio One Free can do far more, and has fewer limitations, than you probably expect from a free DAW. For example, it has Studio One's single-window, integrated environment; allows an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks; has no limitations on plug-in instantiations; comes with eight high-quality PreSonus Native Effects™ plug-ins; offers multitrack comping; and performs real-time time-stretching and tempo-following. Studio One Free also has the smooth, drag-and-drop workflow that distinguishes Studio One from other DAWs.

For a complete list of Studio One Free features, click here

Download Studio One Free.

You can even start with Studio One Free, switch modes so it becomes a time-limited (30 days) Studio One Professional demo, and after the demo expires, simply go back to using Studio One Free while you save your pennies to buy Artist, Producer, or Professional. You only have to download the application once, although you’ll also want to download the very cool bundled software and other content that are included with the higher versions.

Studio One Artist

Studio One Artist delivers the core audio and MIDI functions needed to record, edit, and mix music, then adds powerhouse features like comping, groove extraction, Track Transform, and Folder tracks. It comes bundled with more than two dozen 32-bit Native Effects™ plug-ins and virtual instruments, and unlike other “entry-level” DAWs, it imposes no limits on track count, plug-in instantiations, and editing features. To really get you off and running, almost 2.5 GB of loops and other content are included in the deal. A trial version of Celemony Melodyne is included, too.

Studio One Producer

When you are serious about mixing, move up to Studio One Producer. Studio One Producer offers everything in Artist and more, adding support for ReWire and Audio Units (AU) and VST plug-ins. With Producer, you can enjoy all of the great bundled PreSonus plug-ins plus your favorite plug-ins from around the world. Studio One Producer also enables you to import and export MP3 files and includes a full 16 GB of third-party content.


Studio One Professional

Studio One Professional is a complete, no-holds-barred production tool that pulls out all the stops and enables you to run completely amok (musically). Professional gives you a 64-bit double-precision audio engine for superior sound quality and lets you work to QuickTime video. Be the master manipulator of pitch, thanks to the included Melodyne Essential (licensed, not a demo). Your mixes take on a professional sheen after being treated by the premium plug-ins Professional adds: Multiband Dynamics (more than just compression), Open AIR convolution reverb, Pipeline for integrating outboard processors, the endlessly awesome Groove Delay, and IR Maker, which enables you to create your own impulse responses for Open AIR and Ampire XT.

To the content included with other versions, we add Native Instruments Komplete Elements library, with more than 3 GB of samples and sounds we think you'll find entertaining.

When your mixes are done, Studio One Professional kicks things up another gear. The Project page is Studio One's unique mastering solution, armed with versatile metering and processing options, and seamless integration between mixing and mastering environments, an exclusive PreSonus innovation.

The Project page also offers extensive variety in output formats, adding automatic uploading to Nimbit® and SoundCloud™; Red Book CD burning, disk images, the DDP professional duplication format, and individual files for downloading, to the five file formats available for exporting mixes.

With its complete set of tools, Studio One Professional lets you go from recording your first riff to final release and sale of your finished music without ever leaving the program. No other DAW can do all this.

Find the right version.

Here are direct comparisons of the versions: their features, bundled plug-ins and instruments, and included content. Choose the version of Studio One that fits what you do, secure in the knowledge that you can always upgrade later. Most people do!






Elegant single-window work environment
Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
Integrated Melodyne pitch correction Trial Trial
Single and multitrack comping
Editable Folder Tracks
Track display list with presets, linkable to mixer channel display
Content browser with search, user tabs, connections to the Internet, and Preview Player
Transient detection with editable markers
Drag-and-drop groove extraction
Multitrack MIDI editing
Multitrack Track Transform (advanced freezing capability)
Event-based effects
Macro Toolbar (create and use command sequences)
Nimbit® Extension (market and sell your music)
Automatic latency compensation
Advanced automation
Audio-processing resolution (floating-point) 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit  64-bit
Easy sidechain routing
Stunning virtual instruments Presence 4 4 4
User-friendly sampler
Control Link (most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available)
Real-time audio time-stretching, resampling, and normalization
Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or Core Audio-compliant audio interface
Use Pro Tools, Cubase, or Logic key shortcuts or create your own
Integrated mastering suite with automatic mix updating, Red Book CD burning, and digital release
Export to SoundCloud™
QuickTime video playback and sync
MP3 import and export
Support for AU, VST2, and VST3 plug-ins and ReWire applications

Native Effects™ Plug-ins






Ampire XT guitar amplfier modeler limited
Analog Delay tape delay emulator
Auto Filter envelope-controlled filter
Beat Delay tempo-synched delay
Binaural Pan stereo panner and imager
Channel Strip compressor/expander/equalizer
Chorus 3-voice chorus with stereo width
Compressor full-featured RMS compressor with sidechain
Dual Pan independent L/R channel panner
Expander downward expander with sidechain
Fat Channel native version of StudioLive Fat Channel
Flanger flanger with tempo sync
Gate noise gate with MIDI trigger output
Groove Delay multitap delay with tempo sync and tap filtering
IR Maker impulse response creation utility
Level Meter resizable, multiscale level meter
Limiter brickwall peak limiter
Mixtool channel utility
MixVerb™ basic reverb
Multiband Dynamics multiband compressor/expander
Open AIR convolution reverb
Phaser multistage allpass-filter phaser
Phase Meter phase analyzer
Pipeline external-processor insert
Pro EQ 7-band parametric equalizer
RedlightDist™ analog distortion emulator
Room Reverb room simulator
Scope digital oscilloscope
Spectrum Meter frequency analyzer
Tone Generator multiwaveform signal generator
Tricomp™ basic multiband compressor
Tuner chromatic instrument tuner
X-Trem tremolo/autopanner with tempo sync and step-sequence modulation
Total Native Effects plug-ins 9 28 28 33