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From the first release, PreSonus® Virtual StudioLive™ for Mac® and Windows® has been a feature-rich, intuitive control/editor/librarian application for StudioLive mixers that’s a pleasure to use. You can drag-and-drop settings and scenes to and from the browser, as you would in Studio One®. Move a VSL control, and you’ll see the value change in the StudioLive mixer, and vice versa. Edit visually, using a virtual image of the mixer that’s mouse friendly—with the addition of editable compressor and EQ curves. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently you can work with it.

VSL’s visual editing interface is so intuitive and clear that inexperienced worship-team volunteers can use it, while veteran A-list front-of-house engineers who have seen it all (we’re looking at you Ace Baker and John Mills) are thrilled with its blazing-fast, straightforward workflow.

When our crack software team reengineered VSL to create VSL-AI for StudioLive AI-series mixers, we expected a very good upgrade. Instead, they created a downright great new VSL-AI with so much potential that we're only beginning to explore the possibilities.

Actively integrated software.

Virtual StudioLive™-AI (VSL-AI) is the section of PreSonus Universal Control-AI software for Mac® and Windows® that provides bidirectional control and editor/librarian functions for all StudioLive AI-series digital mixers. VSL-AI also integrates Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Measurement Technology™ audio-analysis tools, including Smaart® System Check Wizards.

Accessed as the StudioLive's Device window in the free PreSonus Universal Control-AI application, VSL-AI provides a complete visual representation of the mixer, enabling you to see and control the most-used mixer parameters onscreen. The DSP, Aux, FX, and Fader panels collapse and expand so you can see what you want, when you need it, and you can customize VSL-AI for any screen size from 1280 x 768 on up.

But VSL-AI is more than a simple update; it adds new capabilities thanks to Active Integration.

Along with the rest of the StudioLive AI Software Library, VSL-AI has been rewritten entirely. All of the applications in the library are now on the same software platform, as well as supporting the new capabilities introduced with Active Integration™ technology.

This goes well beyond being preconfigured to work with all StudioLive AI mixers and supporting new features, although VSL-AI delivers that. All five StudioLive AI Software Library applications actively integrate with each other and with the mixer.

For example, you can now save and load scenes with Capture™ 2.1 and share presets between the Fat Channel plug-in in Studio One 2.6 and VSL-AI. Channel names entered in SL Remote-AI are broadcast throughout the network (including Capture, QMix-AI, and VSL-AI), so you only have to name a channel once—and you can name it from anywhere, including the StudioLive AI mixer.

Integration with the mixers is tighter than ever, too. For instance, StudioLive AI scene, effects, Fat Channel, and graphic EQ preset libraries automatically sync to VSL-AI.

And that’s only part of what this integrated system can do today! 

Load settings quickly with drag-and-drop.

Controlling StudioLive AI-series mixer channel, subgroup, aux send, and main levels; mutes and solos; and Fat Channel, effects, and graphic EQ settings with VSL-AI is as easy as drag-and-drop!

Load Fat Channel settings by simply dragging them onto the channel or mixer overview, either as a complete channel strip, or as individual gate, compressor, and EQ presets.

Want to just load the EQ settings onto Channel 1? Just drag a preset to the visual representation of the EQ. You can mix and match settings to your heart's content.

Or apply a new scene to the whole mixer by dragging it onto VSL-AI's virtual mixing surface from a browser list that you can show or hide as needed.

StudioLive AI mixers come with 50 factory Fat Channel presets, created by professional audio engineers and organized into 9 browsible categories: Drum, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Horns, Percussion, Vocals, System, and Miscellaneous.

These presets give you a great starting point: Simply load a factory preset in VSL-AI via drag-and-drop, customize it, and save it in the VSL-AI browser. Of course you also could load the presets in the mixer but it’s much faster and easier using VSL-AI!

When you’re happy with your customized preset, you can send it to any of 49 empty memory locations on the StudioLive-AI mixer. Of course, you can save as many Fat Channel presets as you like in VSL-AI’s browser.

Back up and share ’em, too.

Through VSL-AI, you can back up all of the scenes and presets stored on your StudioLive. Save virtually unlimited scenes and settings and name them and rearrange them in the browser.

These stored settings can be loaded from disk or sent to, and stored internally on, the StudioLive. You can even drag presets out of the browser (they’re saved as json files) and email, IM, or disk-swap them with other StudioLive-AI owners.

Bidirectional control means you don't have to choose.

Since VSL-AI control is bidirectional, you can control the mixer directly from the mixing surface and from a computer at the same time.

Since VSL-AI control is bidirectional, fader moves and parameter changes made on the StudioLive are reflected in VSL-AI in real time and changes made in VSL-AI are instantly mirrored in the StudioLive. So you can set up the StudioLive the way you want it and then save your Scene or other presets in VSL-AI or create them in VSL-AI and send them to the mixer’s memory.

If you make fader changes in VSL-AI, the fader values will change in real time on the StudioLive. The faders aren’t motorized, so simply put the mixer into Locate mode to see the new values (displayed on the channel meters); then you can quickly move the faders until the meters are centered, which means the faders are in the correct position and with the StudioLive AI mixers new soft takeover, each fader on the mixer only becomes active when the VSL-AI fader position is reached so you never have to worry about volume jumps. Locate mode also provides a visualization of where the StudioLive AI faders are relative to the VSL-AI faders. 

Control StudioLive from anywhere.

With VSL-AI, you can control your StudioLive mixer—or multiple StudioLive mixers—from your Mac or PC. This sounds simple enough, and indeed, VSL-AI is incredibly easy to set up and use. But what you can do with it is downright amazing!

PreSonus StudioLive™ AI-series digital mixers’ Active Integration™ technology includes powerful real-time, direct, Wi-Fi remote control, so you can connect your laptop to the same wireless network as your mixer and iOS devices and control the mixer with VSL-AI. (You do need a FireWire or Thunderbolt connection to record with Capture or Studio One and to use the Smaart features in VSL-AI.)

Of course, you can control the mixer from an iPad using SL Remote-AI, and that’s a great way to go. But you don’t need an iPad to have wireless control.

To control the StudioLive mixer wirelessly via VSL-AI, simply connect your Mac or Windows PC running VSL-AI and your StudioLive AI mixer to the same network using a wireless router.

The StudioLive AI mixer can connect to the router wirelessly or via Ethernet and so can most laptops, so you have choices. Connect the mixer wirelessly to the router and connect the computer to the router via Ethernet or do it the other way around. Or connect both devices wirelessly.

Whichever way you do it, setup is quick and easy, and you don’t need to enter IP addresses or subnet masks or even know what those are. It just works.

That said, we understand that corporate, educational, and government environments require secured, firewalled networks, which requires some expertise. We gave you that capability, too: The networking backbone of PreSonus AI technology was recently registered with IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Simply open port 47809 to let AI control network traffic through.

VSL-AI's remote-control features make contractors into superheroes!

If you’re a contractor supporting clients with StudioLive AI-series mixers, you can take advantage of the ability to remote-control Virtual StudioLive-AI in multiple ways. Some of these capabilities are so powerful that your clients will think you're a superhero!

There are several ways in which contractors can take advantage of Virtual StudioLive-AI’s power to provide superior services to their clients.

Some of the advantages are obvious. You can create named scenes and put them in any order you want in the VSL-AI browser so that clients can load them by simple drag-and-drop. This is great for churches, for instance, where volunteers often run the sound system. Just create and name the scenes the volunteer sound person will need—for instance, “choir,” “praise band,” and “sermon”—and place them in the order in which they’ll be needed in the service.

But you can do much more with VSL-AI!

Since VSL-AI runs on a Mac or PC, you can control it remotely over the Internet using third-party VPN software. So you can troubleshoot the system (or multiple networked systems), manage the mixer’s security features, load Scenes and settings, and generally service your client’s needs from anywhere you can get a reliable Internet connection!

Furthermore, with VSL-AI’s integrated Smaart technology, you can observe the spectral content of the client’s mix in real time and adjust the EQs on the client’s StudioLive AI-series mixer without ever actually hearing the system! Sure, you’d much rather hear the system, but now you have a powerful tool that can save the day for your client whether you can be physically present or not.

Let’s take this a step further. VSL-AI can manage all of the StudioLive AI-series mixers on a network, if your client operates a large complex with networked computers and multiple sound systems, and all of the systems are based on StudioLive AI-series mixers (any combination of models), you and your client can control them all from one laptop.

Get Smaart!

Rational Acoustics’ highly regarded Smaart Measurement Technology™ is integrated directly into Virtual StudioLive-AI, including the Smaart Spectra™ RTA and time-frequency Spectrograph. With Smaart-enhanced VSL-AI and the StudioLive mixer’s EQs, it’s easier than ever to adjust your sound system to any room. Wizards help you easily view the frequency-response trace of a venue, calculate and set delay-system timing, and verify output connectivity. Click here for details about VSL-AI’s integrated Smaart features.

Try it and see for yourself.

Of course, to truly appreciate what VSL-AI can do, you need to try it with your StudioLive AI-series mixer! Universal Control with VSL-AI is bundled free with every StudioLive AI-series mixer. Registered StudioLive AI-series mixer owners can download the latest version of Universal Control-AI with Smaart-enhanced VSL-AI from their MyPreSonus user accounts.