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  • Provides wireless control for any StudioLive AI-series digital mixer
  • Control any StudioLive AI mixer on the wireless network from one iPad
  • Multiple iPads can control the same StudioLive


  • Overview displays levels, mutes, panning, EQ curves, and Fat Channel processing for multiple channels at once
  • Aux view shows the levels, panning, graphic EQ, and Fat Channel processing for the aux sends, as well as level, Fat Channel processing, and effects editing for internal FX buses
  • GEQ page lets you adjust the Main graphic EQ
  • Channel Zoom page shows every parameter for a single channel

Special Features

  • Set permissions on the StudioLive AI mixer so that StudioLive Remote-AI on any iPad on the network controls only specified functions
  • Talkback On/Off
  • Talkback assignments
  • Remote-control Smaart Systems wizards (requires that VSL-AI be running)
  • Remotely recall scenes stored on your StudioLive AI-series mixer
  • Available free from the Apple App Store 

Don Williams

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