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Gets the Job Done.

You really want to produce music, not mess around with software, so we designed Studio One to help you get the job done. No matter what phase of production you are in, Studio One® is ready for the tasks at hand, with powerful features, smart design, and rich resources. In this section, we walk you through Studio One, including plenty of tips and insights for beginners and pros alike.


From virtual instruments to tempo following to included content, Studio One makes writing music easy and fun.
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Recording is hard if the session doesn't flow quickly and smoothly. Studio One greases the wheels to make recording almost effortless.
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Studio One makes light work of a lot of heavy editing tasks, like comping, groove quantizing, and editing across multiple tracks of MIDI data.
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Processing, automation, control surfaces—a lot is involved in mixing. Studio One helps you get it done and have fun doing it.
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Mastering is the critical final step. Studio One handles it...masterfully.
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When it's time to blast your music to the world, Studio One handles DDP and CD burning and connects you to Nimbit and SoundCloud.
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