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Coming in Spring 2014!

PreSonus® StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration™ PA speakers offer a wealth of system-control and performance-monitoring features that give you unprecedented control. The secret to accessing these features is SL Room Control, a speaker-management system and remote-control/monitoring software for Mac® OS X, Windows®, and iOS®.

To use SL Room Control, you simply create a local area network using a wireless router and connect your StudioLive AI speakers with the included USB 2.0 Wi-Fi LAN adapter or onboard Ethercon connection. Connect your Mac, PC, or iPad® to the same Wi-Fi network and launch SL Room Control to unlock your StudioLive AI speaker system’s full power. SL Room Control’s Network Setup wizard makes it easy to network your entire system.

Remote control is always convenient and useful but SL Room Control is much more than that. Tightly integrated with StudioLive AI-series speakers, it gives you the equivalent control of a rack-mount loudspeaker-management system and more, and it works wirelessly or over a wired (Ethernet) local area network, so you can use it from anywhere that you can access the network. And it’s free!

In addition to communicating performance parameters such as temperature, excursion limiting, and clip detection, SL Room Control provides remote control over output level, polarity (s18AI subwoofer only), and the Operation modes.

Operation modes allow you to choose between optimized settings for different applications. Normal mode is for live front-of-house applications, Full-Range MP3 mode is optimized for playing back prerecorded music, Full-Range Floor Monitor mode is ideal for stage wedges, Subwoofer Extended LF mode boost subharmonic frequencies for bigger low end, and User mode lets you create a custom preset.

In addition to providing remote wireless control over all onboard features, SL Room Control includes 31-band graphic EQ and 8-band parametric EQ (for the full-range StudioLive 312AI, 315AI, and 328AI systems), a variable low-pass filter (for the StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer), muting, solo, speaker delay (up to 250 ms), and speaker grouping. Edit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters, as well as set custom labels and comments for each speaker. You’re in control!

Grouping StudioLive AI speakers allows you manage your entire speaker system at once. Creating groups for FOH, satellite speakers, stage monitors, etc., allows you to manage large speaker systems with ease.

With the speakers grouped, you can manage the level of the entire system while maintaining the relative level of each speaker within the system. Want to mute your floor monitors during a break? Just mute the entire group. Need to send your main mix to the “cry room” but still maintain independent level control? Easily create a Cry Room group and set the level on your iPad!


SL Room Control provides the equivalent of matrix mixes without needing the large-format console that typically provides them.