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  Number of Channels Eight
  Input Impedance, XLR Input 1.3K Ohms
  Input Impedance, 1/4" Instrument Input 1M Ohms
  Connectors Eight XLR, Two 1/4" Instrument Inputs on Channel One and Two


  1/4" TRS Impedance Balanced 51 Ohms
  ADAT™ LightPipe Digital Optical 24-bit
  AES/EBU (4 Pair, Stereo) 24-bit
  S/PDIF (4 Pair, Stereo) 24-bit

Panel Controls

  Potentiometer Gain Range (10dB gain at lowest setting) 0dB to +44dB
  Limiter 0dB to Off
  Phase Reverse (Channel One and Two Only) On/Off
  EQ Enhance Button On/Off


  Signal Present LED -20dBu
  Clip LED +22dBu
  Limit LED Limiter Active


  Sampling Rates 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz


  Preamplifier Total Gain 0 to 55dB
  Headroom 0.009%
  THD + Noise (Unweighted) +22dB
  Noise Floor 0.009%
  Signal to Noise -94dBu
  Analog Dynamic Range >120dB
  Power Supply Rejection >98dB
  Amplifier Type Dual Servo


  Size 1U Rack
  Dimensions 19" W x 1.75" H x 7" D
  Weight 15 lbs.
  Chassis Steel
  Panel Aluminum

Power Supply

  Type Linear, External
  Input 100/120/220/240V AC (Factory Configured)
  Power 80 Watts


Chris Leblanc

Baton Rouge native and guitar hero Chris LeBlanc recently released his album entitled Starshine. Starshine is a thirteen song EP,... read more