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Mobile Recording Couldn't Be Easier!

PreSonus® Capture™ for iPad® brings professional-quality recording to the Apple iPad yet is lean, fast, and easy to use. How fast and easy? Start recording with just one tap!

When you create a new recording session in Capture for iPad, record-enabled tracks are created automatically for all inputs; just tap the Record button to start recording. That’s it! We wanted to have Capture read your mind and start recording as soon as you think of it but we haven’t made that technology work yet. So for now, one-tap recording is as fast and easy as it gets.

Setup is very easy, as with everything in Capture for iPad. The app opens at the Start page. From there, you can browse and load previously recorded Sessions, and rename and delete Sessions.

Getting around Capture for iPad is simple, too. The main Session page shows tracks vertically and audio events on a horizontal timeline—just as you’d expect. The top menu bar shows the info you need to see regularly: editable session name, time position (time or bars/beats), and buttons for remaining record time, Help, Transfer, and Close. The track-control section includes the editable track name and Mute, Solo, Record Arm, and Input Monitor buttons. Each track has its own volume and pan controls. All of the features are familiar and in your face, where you want them.

During recording, new audio events showing the waveform are created on each track. Use the transport controls or manually drag the play cursor to any timeline position, then start playback or create a new recording from there.

In the simple but cool department, overdubbing on the same track creates a new audio event on top without overwriting previously recorded events. You can move the top event or change its start and end points to reveal the events underneath.  

Record Stereo for Free; Record Multitrack for a Song

​​Visit the Apple App Store and get started immediately with Capture Duo, a free two-track app—or go multitrack with Capture for iPad for less than ten Yankee dollars.

Free Capture Duo lets you record and play two stereo tracks with up to 24-bit, 96 kHz fidelity. Want to go multitrack? Capture for iPad costs only $9.99 U.S. from the Apple App store and can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously, depending on how many streams your audio interface can handle.

Other than track count, the two apps are identical.

Although designed primarily for sound acquisition, Capture for iPad supports essential event editing for basic cleanup. Editing audio is simple and intuitive, using basic finger gestures.

Capture is very easy to use but if you need it, help is just a tap away. Tapping the "?" button launches a Quick Start Guide that shows you how to get around the app and how to transfer sessions to Studio One. 


Transfer Songs from iPad to Computer—Wirelessly

With either version of Capture for iPad, you can record on an iPad, then wirelessly transfer your songs directly to PreSonus Studio One® for Mac or Windows for editing, mixing, and mastering.

With Capture for iPad/Duo, you can record anytime, anywhere. But your computer offers many advantages when you want to edit and mix—especially if you have PreSonus’ award-winning Studio One® DAW for Mac or Windows.

That’s because Capture for iPad/Duo can record and save multiple songs on an iPad, then wirelessly transfer them directly to PreSonus Studio One (version 2.6.3 or later). From there, you have all the advantages of mixing and editing with the world’s fastest and easiest to use professional audio-production software. When your project is finished, Studio One lets you share your mixes on SoundCloud™ and upload to Nimbit® for direct-to-fan marketing and distribution—all without leaving the DAW.

Songs and individual tracks can also be copied using iTunes if the iPad is connected to the computer with a USB cable—or wirelessly . 

Compatible with Any iPad Interface

​​Capture for iPad works with any iPad-compatible audio interface, as well as the internal microphone, and saves in Apple Lossless format.

Capture Duo and Capture for iPad work great with any iPad-compatible audio interface, including PreSonus AudioBox i-series interfaces, as well as the iPad’s internal microphone. Simply connect your iPad to the audio interface’s MFi port using a standard Lightning or 30-pin Apple USB connection cable, launch Capture, and you’re ready to go. (Note that some interfaces are not powered from the iPad and therefore require a power supply.)

The two apps require a second-generation iPad or newer, iPad Air, or iPad Mini with iOS 7 or higher.

Recordings are saved in the compact Apple Lossless format to save iPad memory and reduce transfer times. Of course, if you transfer your Capture recordings to Studio One, you’ll be able to save in a variety of file formats.

Your tracks are safe with Capture for iPad, too. Capture auto-saves after every recording and recovers from an auto-saved backup if the iPad runs out of power or otherwise temporarily fails.