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  Connector Type Neutrik™ Combo
  XLR Impedance 1.3K Ohms
  Hi-Z, 1/4" 1 Meg Ohms


  Connector Type XLR and 1/4" TS
  Impedance 51 Ohms

Panel Controls

  Gain 0dB to +54dB
  Tube Drive 0% to 100%
  Phase Reversal  
  -20dB Pad  
  Phantom Power  


  Analog VU -2odBu to +6dBu
  Clip Indicator +22dBu


  THD � Noise (Unweighted) Solid State < 0.005%
  THD � Noise (Unweighted) Tube stage 0.01% to 30%
  Signal To Noise >95dB
  Power Supply Rejection >98dB


  Weight 4lbs
  Dimensions 8" x 5" x 1.75"
  Mounting Universal rack tray insert

Power Supply

  Type Linear
  Input 16VAC / 1000mA
  Power 16 Watts
  Transformer External



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