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  TRS 10 Meg Ohms
  Tip Impedance 10 Meg Ohms (No +12V Phantom Power)
  Ring Impedance 3.2K Ohms (With +12V Phantom Power)


  Main Output XLR 51 Ohms (Balanced)
  -20dB Tuner/Amp 51 Ohms (Unbalanced)

Effects Loop

  Tip (Output/Send) 51 Ohms (Unbalanced)
  Ring (Input/Return) 50K Ohms (Unbalanced)
  Sleeve (Ground)  


  Tip (Mute)  
  Ring (Cut/Boost)  
  Sleeve (Ground)  

Panels Controls

  +12V DC Phantom Power (Ring Only)  
  Phase Invert (Ring Only)  
  Tip Gain 0 - 40dB
  Ring Gain 0 - 40dB
  Notch (+/-12dB) 92 - 494Hz
  Equalizer (+/-12dB) 250Hz - 5kHz
  Bass 100Hz
  Brilliance 8kHz
  Mute Main Output Only
  Master Level -80dB - +20dB
  Cut/Boost +/-12dB


  THD+Noise 0.005% (0dBu Output)
    0.05% (+10dBu Output)
    0.3% (+20dBu Output)

Signal To Noise

  Amplifier Type Dual-Servo


  LED -42 to Clip


  Weight 7 lbs.
  Dimensions 8" x 4.5" x 1.75"
  Mounting Custom Rack Adapter or Universal Rack Tray Insert
  Chassis Steel
  Panel Brushed Aluminum

Power Supply

  Type Linear
  Input 18V AC
  Power 20 Watts
  Transformer External Wall Mount


Beppe Gambetta

Beppe Gambetta, originally from Genoa, Italy, is a remarkable musician and singer who has almost single-handedly popularized flatpicking throughout Europe,... read more