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Buy an AudioBox 1818VSL before January 31, 2014, get an HP4 Headphone Amplifier FREE

November 1,2013

So, ya wanna make a record? Have we got a deal for you. From now until January 31, 2014, if you buy an AudioBox 1818VSL interface, we’ll sweeten the deal in the form of an HP4 Headphone Amplifier. These two products work phenomenally well together. Not so much in a chocolate and peanut butter sense, as those are generally perceived as equal partners. This is more of a Batman and Robin-type relationship.

The AudioBox’s much-lauded VSL technology will allow you and your band to monitor your vocals (or guitar, or whatevs) with effects and without the heinous scourge of latency. Eight XLR inputs and a bevy of outputs and routing options make the 1818VSL a versatile solution for tracking a four-piece band, even with multi-channel drums.

It gets better. Previously proffered package of the AudioBox 1818VSL and HP4 headphone amp will allow up to four band members to monitor their performances during tracking. Hearing your vocals over the din of that 28” vintage crash/ride your drummer is rapidly destroying isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity! And as headphone amps go, the HP4 is as loud as they come—if ya want. In more quieted environs, you can mix silently without waking your spouse/roommate/rugrat(s) via your HP4 and headphones.

This offer is available to most territories worldwide—check with your local distributor.  You can find yours by clicking here.

Next, Click here to get the simple rebate form. Make sure you save your receipt when you buy the AudioBox, fill out the form, get it back to us, and we’ll ship out the HP4. It will back up your AudioBox time and time again. It’s like having R2D2, Tonto, and Short Round all come to your rescue at once.

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

33 thoughts on “Buy an AudioBox 1818VSL before January 31, 2014, get an HP4 Headphone Amplifier FREE

  1. You guys at Presonus ROCK! Bought my 1818VSL Saturday 1/11/14. Emailed my scanned rebate form and receipt Sunday night 1/13/14. FedEx delivered my FREE HP4 today…Thursday 1/16/14!!! Never in my life have I had such service. Thank you!

  2. I have to buy something from presonus ( 32 ch mixer ), but I”ll wait for some promotion , I thing that is the best solution.
    Or maybe… Beringher 32 ch mixer !

  3. All my gear in studios are Presonus just got mine 9/13 and there is some thing about this 18x18box headphone i had problem with the headphone.i just believe in persons to ship one to all it customer who have on of this unite 18×18 i love the unit but not how they design the head phone.presonus we are your customer Thanks guys

  4. That is nice offer !
    All my gear in studios are Presonus no body give me nothing for free …….. I payed everything full ….
    So ?

  5. OK Presonus…We need a “Sweet” Deal for those of us who have owned the 1818VSL for some time and helped made it the “Flagship” of Audio Interfaces!!!

  6. Hi, I’m looking to buy the 1818 in the next few weeks but the only store you have listed in Australia that is participating in this offer, sells them for $150 more than anywhere else I can get it…. is that the only way I can apply for the offer???

  7. I sent the email with the info. (reciept and completed form) to the email that was stated to send to ( I did not receieve a response, to notify me that presonus receieved my email and that I would indeed be getting the free HP4 per rebate. Email was sent Weds Nov 20,2013.

  8. Is the period for this promotion from now, November 1, 2013, to January 31, 2014? The text says January 31, 2013. Is that a typo? Thanks.

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