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Daisy Chaining StudioLive 16

March 9,2011

Paul Charbonnet
Mulisha Media
Justin Spence

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Posted by pcharbonnet

201 thoughts on “Daisy Chaining StudioLive 16

  1. I have 2 16-4-2 daisy chained. My partner in crime, went right out and bought a HP laptop, (high end). It does not have firewire 400. If you could, please give me the info I need to make this happen. The research I have come up with says it is not possible. And so far I have not seen anything on your web site that would help me correct this problem. I am also having issues with the master consul dropping out while in use, providing us with a very big bang. I have bands booked through out the week. It would be great to hear from preSonus as soon as possible please.

  2. Hi Justin. Great video. Can you please explain how you set up the drummers side-fill please. (little grey on top here!!)

  3. Hello. I am a music arranger/song writer-producer from the Philippines. I am planning to but a Presonus StudioLive in the near future. I just wana know if the New Apple iMac firewire 800 compatible with the studioLive 16.4.2 firewire 400?
    Your rpely would be a great help. Thank you so much Presonus.

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