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Tony King

After recording two albums with the trio and touring with Brooks & Dunn and Reba McEntire, the trio disbanded in 1994. Tony continued working in Nashville, playing with artists like Chely Wright and Faith Hill. During the following year, while singing on Prime Time Country (TNN),he secured a position as touring guitarist with Brooks & Dunn. Ten years later, he remains with the band.

Tony said, “I’ve got an Acouti-Q that I’ve used for several years. I’ve it in on award shows and flying gigs, where we don’t have our normal equipment. You walk in and don’t know what you’re going to get, as far as the equipment that’s there. It’s been my secret weapon. For recording, it’s real cool to be able to use it with a guitar that has a pickup and use the Acousti-Q to make it sound more like a mic.”

He recently added a Blue Tube to his rack. He said, ”I have a few different outboard mic preamps. The Blue Tube definitely adds warmth – especially for the vocals. That’s what I like to use. I’m just amazed with the way it sounds.”

Tony went on to say, “My PreSonus arsenal isn’t huge right now, but I’m looking to make it that way. There are several things that fit the bill exactly, for what I want to do. I’m definitely getting the Eureka and the Digimax LT!”

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