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Sunnie Beats

Raised in a musical family and nurtured on Anita Baker and Michael Jackson recordings, Sunnie Beats was also influenced by Denver, Colorado’s, eclectic music community. He made the decision to pursue a music career after college, dropping out of a promising career in radiology to become a music producer.Sunnie Beats

Beats cut his teeth on hardware romplers and later experimented with various DAWs, eventually settling on PreSonus Studio One Professional. “I was looking for a DAW that would let me start and finish a complete song without any limitations, from vocals to live drums, and bass,” he explains. “I wanted to mix, edit, master, and publish, and that’s when I was introduced to Studio One Professional—and honestly, it’s all I use! I tried Reaper and Cubase for months, and they were lacking in ease-of-use.”

Beats advocates using Studio One Professional as a creative tool. “My best work usually comes from making mistakes in Studio One,” he laughs. “I like using different time signatures and overdoing timestretching or not applying it enough—things like that. Ideas that usually sound like a bad idea to most people usually work for me! I like Ampire XT; I use that a lot on vocals, drums, and instruments other than guitars.”

Studio One Professional is going to be at the core of a new business venture that Beats has dubbed “LoopHead.” “LoopHead is an artist’s one-stop shop,” Beats proudly exclaims. “I want an artist coming to LoopHead to be able to record, mix, master, design artwork, and handle CD duplication and replication, all in once place! I want LoopHead to serve as an educational resource for young artists.”

LoopHead is already grooming its first artist. “I've been recording a lot of local artists with Studio One Professional,” Beats relates, “including my own artist, Rufus. I feel like it’s my mission and my duty to expose the talent in Colorado from every genre!”

Beats closes with this insight: “Always, always follow what you feel inside! Never let anyone tell you your music doesn't sound good. Be a product of your environment, and the sky’s the limit!”