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In a home where her parents enjoyed music, Stoni grew up listening to different genres of music. While interning at several major recording studios around New York City, including Chung King and Music Palace, Stoni gained a vast knowledge of the music and recording industry. With tracks that run through you like the streets of her hood in Brownsville, the buzz is up and the lights are shining on Stoni, as she is making her way to the front line of the music industry.

In 2003 Stoni snatched up a champion win at the International Producer's Association Beat Battle Competition in New York City. On stage at the famous Nuyorican Poet's Cafe is where Stoni shut down the competition for a title win as IPA's first female beat battle competitor and champion - also becoming the first female to ever compete in any beat battle in NYC.

In June of 2004, Stoni was among some of the music industry most renown musicians, producers, artist, and songwriters for the 2nd annual Remix Hotel NYC, where she spoke about her work and experience as a female music producer, particularly the moment when she became the first female beat battle champion and then finished up with a knockout performance on the drum machine.

In October of 2004, Stoni performed a showcase at the CMJ Music Marathon for the most anticipated performance at opening night. With a drum machine in arms reach, beats marked the spot for a special delivery from New York City's newest producer.

In 2005, with such a heavy buzz and an endorsement deal on the table, expect nothing but fire from New York City's newest talent, as Stoni continues to grind in the studio for upcoming projects. Her assortment of tools from PreSonus are an integral part of her setup.

She offered a few comments on her Firepod, saying, "In my studio, I run the Logic Pro 7 software, with the Apple G4 Powerbook and the Firepod. With the reliability of PreSonus products, my studio has a stable connection and the sound quality is off the chain. The Firepod allows me to maximize the use of the Logic to record and mix my sessions without using a mix board. I've been able to go directly into the Firepod as a mixing board through Logic. The Firebox is a great sounding audio interface that is compact and gives me the freedom to record without the use of power cables. It has a fast and easy hook up to the firewire bus on my G4 Powerbook, eliminating bulky power cables and adapters, making it more fun to record on location."

Stoni also owns a Eureka, which she uses extensively. She said, "The Eureka is another exciting piece of equipment to have in the studio. The preamp boosts my recording levels without the complication of noise distortion while it enhances the sound of my synths and drums that are pushed through the Firepod. I rely on the Eureka to give my vocal recordings a warm, smooth, clear, quality sound."

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