As a member of the award winning songwriting group, We 3 Kings, Spider has a long list of production credits which include Hillary Duff, Pink and Third Eye Blind. In late 1999, his own 1plus1 project on Ozone Recording, was his first development effort. This resulted in a recording contract with Elektra Entertainment. Most recently Spider is recognized as one of the writers of the multi-platinum selling self-titled album by Hillary Duff.

In his Los Angeles studio, Spider uses the Central Station and Eureka for all his production needs.

“As soon as I hooked up my Central Station, I heard frequencies that I’d never heard with my other mixer. The high end opened up and everything seemed clearer and much more what I was used to. Now when I use it as a reference, I feel confident that whatever I mix in that room will translate to the rest of the world.” Spider continues,

“I was working on a session with Hillary Duff, and ended up using the Eureka, even though I was in a room full of Vintage stuff. The quality of the Eureka is incredible.

With every microphone and every vocalist, I’ve been able to find the settings for them that really bring out the nuances of what’s good about them.”