Roberto Perez

Roberto Perez’s entire life has played out at the nexus of faith and song. Starting out on the guitar at age 12, Perez’s talent was quickly noticed by his mother, and he was urged to study the Puerto Rican cuatro antiguo, a 4-stringed lute. Three years later, Perez was a bona fide multi-instrumentalist, performing full-time in regional worship outfits. During his Puerto Rico years, Perez spent time in a diverse array of bands and worship projects playing hard rock, roots reggae, blues, and gospel.

By the time he was 20, Perez had moved to Mayaguez to attend college and expand his guitar technique. He graduated in 2000 with a B.S. in computer science from Inter American University of Puerto Rico-San German.

The next five years were spent touring Puerto Rico in Christian reggae roots band Gólgota, which enjoyed regional success and maintained a busy tour schedule. Perez left the band in 2008 and moved to Orlando, Florida, where he has remained ever since. In Orlando, he met his wife, and established a network within the worship community that has led to his participation in pay-per-view events, an appearance on The Gathering Place, and work for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is broadcast in more than 25 countries. Currently, Perez maintains an active schedule in the Orlando area.

Perez chooses PreSonus Studio One for composing, preproduction, and recording. “I used to use Sonar with my PreSonus FireStudio,” he says. “One day I was doing some recordings for my friend Luis Hernandez, and he hooked me up with Studio One Pro, and after that I was in love with the program. The stability, ease of use, and quality of sound all contributed to the decision to start using Studio One Pro for everything.”

His educational background gives him insight that other less digitally inclined guitarists may not have. “As a computer scientist, I have to say that the stability is what I like most about Studio One. Before getting my new computer, I was using Studio One on a Pentium 4 computer with 1 GB of RAM. When I was using Sonar, the computer and the program used to crash all the time. I installed Studio One Pro on the same computer, and it ran smoothly without crashing or losing my sessions.”

Perez continues, “I think one of the best features is the GUI. The designers really thought about how to display all the features in a way that is intuitive. I have everything I need in a single screen. The drag-and-drop application of virtual instruments is another feature that I like a lot. I also have to mention real-time audio stretching and resampling. They are awesome features.”

Concludes Perez, “I recommend PreSonus to everyone, from my close friends to strangers that I meet during gigs! Thanks PreSonus!”