Rhett Mouton

Rhett Mouton is a producer who takes pride in working with and developing new up and coming talent. He has produced rock band Meriwether's album "Make Your Move", which was released in both the United States and Japan, as well as several other bands on the forefront of the new music scene. He has also engineered and mixed several live DVD's for touring bands, and is president of GVE Records.

"I used a Digimax on the Meriwether album for several different applications and found it to be a very versatile piece of equipment. I liked the fact that each of the class A preamps had limiters. That allowed me to get every ounce of headroom without having to wory about fighting with clipping issues. It's also a great piece of gear in my live recording rig. I liked it so much that I also added two Eurekas with the digital option, a Central Station, and the new ADL600."

"The Eureka has a much more musical compressor than the channel strip that I was previously using. I also like the fact that the digital card option allows me to link both of my Eurekas together, essentally making a stereo channel strip."

"The ADL600 has an amazingly open sound with a nice high end, great character in the midrange, and a low end that extends past the horizon. It's a very well rounded preamp that works well with vocals, percusive instruments, and especially guitar. I seem to find a new application for it every day."

"The Central Station brings my whole recording rig together into one well organized rack space. It allows several montioring options as well as keeps me from having to worry about setting up a talkback mic since one is already included in the unit. It is also extended into the remote, so everything is at my fingertips."

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