Peter McCabe

Peter McCabe has produced or engineered award winning artist such as Macy Gray, Jennifer Lopez and Katie Melua. Most recently, Peter was asked to record Macy Gray at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA. To get the 32 inputs needed, Peter used four DigiMax FS eight channel preamps with his Pro tools rig, as well as a Central Station for monitoring.

“The Digimax FS sounds amazing. I can’t imagine using anything else for live gigs. It’s incredible what I can accomplish with five rack spaces! The bottom line is quality. I wouldn’t be using this gear if I didn’t believe that!”

McCabe continues,“PreSonus really hit the niche with the DigiMax FS. You couldn’t do this without spending a ton of more money and I’m pretty sure that the difference in quality between the DigiMax FS and more expensive preamps is very small.”

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