Pete Warner


Grammy-nominated songwriter, musician, and producer Pete Warner is the Director of Business Affairs for Rainysongs Entertainment – Rainysongs Digital Danmark Music Group USA. Founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter Rainy Davis, Rainysongs provides a one-stop-shopping solution for musicians and record label professionals. While its flagship service offers international digital music distribution, Rainysongs also offers à la carte services that include consultation, digital cards, marketing, and promotion tools and packages that empower independent artists and music pros that are looking to climb up from the underground.

Davis and Warner earned multiplatinum success when Davis’ song “Sweetheart” was re-recorded and popularized by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri in 1999. The song has been licensed over 275 times and has moved 22 million units, not including digital releases. Warner’s list of collaborators references A-list artists from top to bottom: Prince, Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Luther Vandross, Jimmy Cliff, Wah-Wah Watson, Ray Parker Jr., and more.

Warner's a fortunate man to have landed in such a great position but it wasn’t all luck. He’s an industry vet who has cultivated a rich well of experience and a broad professional network through a lifetime spent in the studio. Warner wields the lessons from his past with panache—but he doesn’t live there. He thinks forward.

In fact, it’s the dichotomy of good ol’-fashioned experience, paired with forward-thinking business sense, that makes Warner such a good fit for Rainysongs—and for PreSonus. Warner’s decision to stick with PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 comes down largely to one thing: the groove factor.

“When we record with PreSonus, making music is fun! One of our secrets is the Loop Recording function,” Warner reveals. “We can track the instrumental elements, record the vocals, and not have to take Studio One out of Record mode until we capture exactly what we are after. Because we don’t have to stop and start as we record, we can keep the vibe alive. PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 allows us to maintain our creative spirit, and that’s the key element when writing and producing our music. The software doesn't make me bust my groove—it helps me get my groove on. I just let the music play while I record, undo, record, undo, record, undo… until we get what we want, just the way we want it.”

Automated beat synchronization is another reason for Warner’s decision. “Studio One allows me to import percussion and FX loops into my songs, and they lock automatically with the tempo of the track! It’s features like this that make Studio One Professional 2 truly composer- and musician-friendly. Other DAWs are much more tech-oriented; they actually take me out of my creative zone, forcing me to jump into geek mode—and there goes my groove, vibe, and creativity!”

While groove is clearly priority #1, there's more to Warner's decision to stick with Studio One Professional 2, and it dovetails nicely with the concept behind Rainysongs Entertainment: digital distribution and one-stop-shopping.

“Studio One Professional gives me the ability to professionally master songs with plenty of onboard plug-ins in the Project page, without having to use external programs. It also adds the ability to graphically monitor all frequencies in the audio spectrum; I can be sure my final mixes are sonically and visually at the appropriate levels required to compete commercially—on the radio or in the clubs.

“As a musician, songwriter, producer, and arranger with a background in DAW and hardware design, I am consistently researching what’s out there and what’s around the corner to keep us on the cutting edge of technology. If it’s hot we’ll give it a shot,” Warner muses. “PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 has scored #1 in comparison to all other DAWs I’ve worked with—past and present.”

Sound Samples

  • Pete Warner-Sweetheart A Storybook Romance