Peer Munck

Peer Munck’s success story begins with the rare marriage of musicality and business sense. As president and executive producer of MunckMix, Munck offers his clients “instant live recordings,” making high-quality recordings of live performances available to fans on their way out the door, minutes after the conclusion of a concert. In addition to practical business experience, Munck’s nonmusical background includes a BS degree from Cornell University and an MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2003, he founded MunckMix to create and sell official live CD recordings of every concert of The Dead’s tour that year. By 2008, Munck had greatly broadened his clientele. In 2009, three of his live recordings from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival were nominated for Grammy Awards, including BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet, who won the Grammy for Best Regional Roots Music Album. Munck’s client list also includes the Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat, and the Wanee Music Festival in Florida.

Munck mixes all of these diverse artists with PreSonus Studio One Professional. “We use Studio One as our main DAW for all of our mixing rigs, and we use FireStudio Project preamps for one of our field-recording rigs,” Munck explains. “We track each live performance using Alesis HD-24 direct-to-disk recorders, then transfer the files to Studio One for mixing. Recently, we updated to Studio One Professional 2 and started using the Project features to master the recordings as well.”

Why Studio One? “Speed,” Munck replies. “At music festivals, we’re in a race to get the finished CD of a performance ready for customer pickup the same day as the performance. During the New Orleans Jazz Fest, for example, we typically record 10 to 15 shows per day for 7 days, and each of our engineers crunch through 2, even 3, whole concert mixdowns per day! Therefore, we’re always looking for ways to shorten turnaround time. Not only is the user interface of Studio One really intuitive and quick to grasp, but the software is also very efficient in its use of CPU resources, resulting in really quick rendering speeds.”

Adds Munck, “I like the ability to save and recall specific combinations of inserts in the Store FX Chain function, which saves time when I sculpt a new track. It allows me to instantly recall some favorite EQ and compression settings for the most common tracks like drums, bass, or horns. One of the best features of Studio One Pro is that it’s hardware agnostic. I can use whatever A/D and preamps I want to record with.

“The integration between the Song (mix) and Project (master) sections, and the software’s ability to refresh the master automatically every time I alter the mixdown of a particular song, are very useful. The ability to create master CDs, as well as MP3 and FLAC masters, directly from the Project page is also a great feature that I’ve elsewhere only encountered in dedicated mastering applications.

“I’m very happy with Studio One Professional. It’s positioned at a very reasonable price point, so professional features are now within reach for amateurs and hobbyists too.”

Sound Samples

  • Arlo Guthrie - Coming into Los Angeles

  • Gregg Allman - Whipping Post