Olesya Star

Four years ago, 24-year old pianist, vocalist, and songwriter Olesya Star left Siberia for the UK, armed with self-taught vocal and piano skills, a Masters degree in linguistics, and her very own record label. Star is a case study in all things DIY. She writes, records, and produces her own work, including the artwork. She’s a solo artist in the truest sense.

Currently, Star is recording her debut album and has chosen Studio One Professional as her tool of choice—and little else!

“I am using Studio One Professional for my entire debut album, both for writing and recording,” explains Star. “I have taken some older tracks I tracked in other DAWs and am in the process of porting them all into Studio One Professional. Some songs I have just trashed completely and started again in Studio One, as quite frankly, they just sound better.”

While Star’s reasons for choosing Studio One include audio quality and ease of use, she also uses the DAW as a creative tool, not merely a means to record her pre-existing ideas. “I have found that throwing some of the included instruments into the Red Light Distortion and through Ampire give me some crazy sounds that are truly fresh,” she says, “and the presets are a great place to start. In other DAWs I would avoid presets like the plague, as they tend to be just wrong for whatever source you throw at them.”

Star closes optimistically, “Studio One is a work of art, from creating a song from the moment of inspiration in your head to getting it down roughly and then sculpting it into a great track. It's the blank canvas and full palette that every artist dreams of. You can start your song, and by the end of a session, you can upload the mastered version, with full metadata, to the cloud, all within one single piece of software! How cool is that?”

Sound Samples

  • Olesya Star - Gamblers