Neil Zaza

From his virtuoso rock solos, to laying a funk groove, Neil Zaza's extreme versatility has been showcased worldwide in concerts, clinics, festivals, as well as on his own solo instrumental CDs. Recently on tour, Neil used the PreSonus Firebox to capture his work:

"What an amazing piece of recording gear. It travels with me everywhere and has seen all corners of the globe in the past year. In fact, I wrote my latest CD in hotel rooms on my European and Asian tours this year tracking through the Firebox. The latency is extremely low, the mic pres sound fantastic, and the piece is built like a tank! In fact, after I bought the FireBox I sold some other portable interfaces that I had as I never use them. Also, the addition of MIDI means that I don't need to carry around a MIDI interface."

In the studio, Neil has found the Central Station to be the ultimate studio monitoring interface.

"The Central Station has become the hub of my studio. Aside from sounding great, it was designed extremely smart in that all the cables and cords remain in the rack and all I have on the desktop is the remote which keeps things neat.", says Neil.

"With some of the other units on the market, you have to run all the cabling to your desktop which is insane. The switching is clean and discrete and it has analog as well as digital ins. I couldn't live without this piece."

Neil also utilized the PreSonus Digimax LT for several projects:

"For the past few years and CDs that I have done (One Silent Night Volumes 1 and 2 as well as Melodica) I tracked through a Digimax LT. As always, the mic pres sounded crisp and clear and it was effortless to record through the unit. What is great is that I can use it in the recording studio or in live applications. I need a few more of these!"

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