Mercy Me

The laid-back band from Greenville, Texas is now one of the most successful bands in all music. In only a few short years, MercyMe have sold nearly 3 million records, been nominated for several Grammy Awards, earned an American Music Award (for Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist) and garnered numerous Dove Awards, including “Artist of the Year”.

Now the band has grown beyond its label as “a Christian band” and become nationally known as a pop rock group that tackles serious themes. Their music is equally appealing to those inside and outside of the Christian community. As the band now moves forward in their creative endeavors and touring the nation, they turn to PreSonus for audio solutions.

Guitar player for MercyMe, Mike Scheuchzer said, “In MercyMe’s studio, we’ve got the FirePod. It’s just a great, multi-channel preamp to get into digital recording. It’s amazing to have that many preamps in one box, that sound that good.”

Mike has found many uses for the Eureka in his own project studio. He said, “I’ve used it on bass and guitar, mostly. I have also used it on background vocals. It’s just an all-around good preamp. There’s not one thing that it sounds better on than another.” The band feels right at home with Eurekas on the road.

Mike said, “We’ve got either eight or ten Eurekas that we’re using in our front of house rack, on this [Undone] tour. They’re amazing. Our front of house guy [Garry Brown] loves them. He’s got them on everything from drums to vocals, to bass and guitar. It’s just a great preamp, a great EQ and an incredibly smooth compressor. We’ve actually got another one in our ear rack, just to put a little compression on the vocals and help smooth everything out.”

Mike went on to say, “We’ve actually been on a [Yamaha] PM1D at front of house and one on monitors. It’s a great console, but it’s a digital console, so there’s not a ton of warmth to it. The new mic preamps that they put in it are better, but it’s still not a real, Class A mic preamp. This is the first tour that we’ve used the Eurekas on and it’s all the difference in the world.”

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