Martin Atkins

Drummer, producer, label owner, music business entrepreneur – and now part time faculty at Columbia College in Chicago - Martin Atkins began his career in Public Image Limited (with John "Rotten" Lydon of The Sex Pistols). After five years with PIL, Martin left to focus on what became Invisible Records.

After a productive period, which included work with Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails (appearing in the "Head Like a Hole" video and on the track "Wish") and Ministry (appearing on the "In Case you Didn´t Feel Like Showing Up" Live DVD), Martin set out with a new vision. He assembled members of Ministry, KMFDM and other Chicago-based musicians to form the industrial super-group, Pigface.

Pigface has since included performances from Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Michael Gira (Swans), Mary Byker, Lesley Rankine (Ruby), Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy) and many others. Pigface continues to evolve to this day. Martin has also worked with members of Killing Joke and Chris Connelly on the project, The Damage Manual. While on a break from Skinny Puppy, Ogre joined Martin for a strange musical journey, entitled Rx (Ritalin), presented on the album, Bedside Toxicology.

Martin´s label, Invisible has released over 250 titles in the last 17 years and remains ground-breaking in every sense of the word. Attached to the label physically and spiritually is Martin´s Mattress Factory Studios. Most Invisible releases have been arranged, recorded, mixed, edited and/or mastered at Mattress Factory Studios. Significant releases include Meg Lee Chin (Piece and Love), The Damage Manual, Sheep on Drugs, The Countdown, The Vanishing Kids, Project .44 and Pigface.

Martin continues to collaborate with other artists, but for now, his attention is focused on Pigface. He also remains dedicated to his label, Invisible Records – which carries an array of industrial and experimental music pioneers: Chemlab, Swans, Throbbing Gristle, F.M. Einheit and others. Along with teaching at Columbia College, Martin will launch a two-day music seminar with Curse Mackey (Pigface) in the fall of 2005.

While Martin works on a steady stream of projects at Mattress Factory Studios, he relies heavily on his PreSonus Eureka. He said, "Good sound is just as important as a good take and with the Eureka, you get just that. The transformer-coupled microphone preamps deliver a great warm sound to digital every time. Controlling or tweaking the signal is a snap with its super-fast compressor and 3-band, fully parametric EQ. For its price the name says it all. The smaller my studio gets the bigger the sound."

He added, "The staff at PreSonus has always been responsive to our needs as an independent label, a small studio, and a touring entity – and I think it´s that attitude that flows into the development of new pieces of gear that seem to make so much sense."